Sky plus - can I get it cheaply?

  alpeshxp 14:56 16 May 2009

Does anyone know if its possible to buy a Sky plus box privately and replace my old sky box in order to pause/record live tv or is it a bit more complex than that?

I cant believe Sky want to charge me £99 for a Sky Plus box & £60 installation charge since Im not eligible for any current offers as Im a long standing subscriber of over ten years!

All current offers are for new subscribers and Im not interested in any HD offers since these only add to the overall cost

Tried ringing Sky sales but they politely said "we dont have any offers at present for current subscribers" and if I thought price was too high I should downgrade or terminate

  tullie 15:36 16 May 2009

I dont think you could use it to record unless you have a Sky+ subscription,others may advise better.Why cant you believe sky charges,we all have to pay it.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:51 16 May 2009

You could try what myself and Mrs Buzzard-to-be did: I rang sky and cancelled my subscription, Mrs Buzzard-to-be then promptly went on line, took out a new subsription in her name and got all the relevant introductory offers!!

  Forum Editor 16:49 16 May 2009

to SKY Plus like the rest of us I'm afraid.

  MAJ 17:00 16 May 2009

Just cancel your present subscription, they'll fall over themselves ringing you to offer you all sorts of incententives to return. I got a free Sky+ box, free installation and £50 credit into my new account.

  MAJ 17:03 16 May 2009

incententives ??? = incentives

  interzone55 17:24 16 May 2009

"I cant believe Sky want to charge me £99 for a Sky Plus box & £60 installation charge"

I really can't believe some people - Sky Plus boxes don't grow on trees, and the engineers who install them aren't working for free, so yes, expect to pay for it.

Besides £99 is a whole lot cheaper than most PVRs and Sky Plus offers a lot more functionality than any standalone PVR

  MAJ 17:46 16 May 2009

"I really can't believe some people" ....

alan14, try to contain your incredulity and remember that Sky charge a monthly fee so that you are able to receive the service, so I think that offering a free means of receiving the service, is not beyond the pale, even if they do interlace the adverts with some crappy re-re-re-repeats of repeats of programs you might have missed the first five times they were repeated.

  Jim Thing 19:00 16 May 2009

"Why cant you believe sky charges,we all have to pay it."

No we don't — throwing money at Sky is not compulsory.

  961 11:09 17 May 2009

To answer the question, yes it is more complicated. You neeed an additional cable from the dish to the sky+ box and a new lnb (feedhorn) on the dish

There is the possibility of getting an independent sky installer in your area to quote, but generally I suggest you have another go at Sky, perhaps by e-mailing the big boss ([email protected]) expressing your disappointment and asking what can be done. Or you could try pleading credit crunch etc and saying you are considering getting a freesat box to save the sky subs. I think you should with some luck be able to avoid the installation fee at least

  harps1h 17:35 17 May 2009

from time to time here in northern ireland there has been the offer of half price box and install through local retailers. if you phone sky they don't want to know and refer you back to the named retailers in the ad. this usually works out at about £79 all in. perhaps you should try them, at the end of the day it is still a sjy approvrd installer who does the work.

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