sky plus box light spinning

  mangifee 18:45 21 Jan 2010

can someone please help, i have got a sky plus box and i notice the front green spinning light goes backwards then forwards continuously, even in standby mode
i do not see this on any boxes at friends houses can anyone explain

  MAT ALAN 20:16 21 Jan 2010

click here

obviously some sorta fault, the link suggests a possible resolve...

  mangifee 20:21 21 Jan 2010

the link is not dealing with my problem, it relates to recording and pausing issues
my box records and pauses normally just the lights ALWAYS spinning both directions

  MAT ALAN 20:31 21 Jan 2010

you still might need to reset reset the system...

only thing you have to loose is any prerecorded progs, in which case watch em first, try reset

Unplug box from the mains. Press and hold the two buttons either side of the select button, then plug back in while
holding the two buttons in, wait until the lights on the front of the box begin to spin backwards, then press the select button on the box, the record light will come on. The box will then perform the reset, and will go back into standby when finished. This procedure will wipe off all your recordings, but may just help to get your box working again

  peugeot man 21:19 21 Jan 2010

Can't remember where but I seem to recall the spinning light function can be switched off in one of the set up menus or set to a steady light.

Check your manual if you can't find it post again and I'll look further

  mangifee 21:21 21 Jan 2010

peugeot man, thanks for the response, i think this would help if we can discover how to do it

  mangifee 21:22 21 Jan 2010

peugeot man i found it and its gone

thank you

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