sky plus box acces

  fb5054 10:43 26 Dec 2009

is there any way of accessing recorded programs
on a out of contract sky plus box?

  961 11:01 26 Dec 2009

Only by resuming the £10 per month contract for sky + use

You could of course do that and then download the programmes onto a dvd recorder and then cancel contract again although I don't know how long the minimum period is

  Strawballs 14:06 26 Dec 2009

I don't know but could the drive be removed and put into PC?

  BT 17:19 26 Dec 2009

I don't think you can do that. It probably doesn't use a PC format so won't be accessible. It certainly couldn't be done on the drive removed from my defunct Freeview HDD recorder. The drive was perfectly useable after reformatting to FAT32.

  morddwyd 18:15 26 Dec 2009

"could the drive be removed and put into PC?"

No, it's a normal drive of course, but the recordings are not in any normal video format, and are only readable with Sky software.

So far as I know you need a Sky subscription, in fact you need a satellite signal.

On a couple of occasions when I've lost my satellite signal I've also lost the ability to play back recordings.

You might get a more detailed explanation on the dedicated Sky + forums on Digital Spy.

  dms_05 12:11 27 Dec 2009

Sky+ boxes not only use a different format (XTV) but the programmes are recorded to the HDD in an encrypted form and only decrypted when play back occurs, so you have two problems to overcome.

You can however copy the recorded programmes from the original HDD to another HDD using a program called COPY+ which handles the XTV format. It's useful if you intend upgrading to a >320GB HDD as a Sky+ (and Sky+HD) have problems formatting a HDD over 750 GB. Take a look click here

  fb5054 13:47 27 Dec 2009

many thanks to all who responded to this problem.
dms 05, do i connect the sky plus box to my pc useing the usb port on the box itself?, sorry for my ignorance in this matter.

  961 17:02 27 Dec 2009

but be aware that the problem remains that you can still only watch the copy through a sky+ box with a current sky subscription, even though you have used the computer to transfer the files

  Forum Editor 18:41 27 Dec 2009

it doesn't matter what you do by way of copying, you'll still only be able to watch the recordings via a SKY+ box with a valid subscription card.

  dms_05 22:45 27 Dec 2009

The USB and LAN sockets on Sky boxes don't currently function (some models allow you to recharge handheld devices via the USB). I'm afraid you need to take the HDD out of the Sky box and connect it to the SATA connection on your PC (or a suitable USB SATA adaptor on a laptop). Of course the copying process produces exact copies of the original files so they are still encrypted and you still need to replay through a Sky box.

  fb5054 23:40 27 Dec 2009

many thank for all your you think that if i connected the box to someone elses sky system, i would be able to copy the contents of the boxes hard drive on to a dvd recorder?.

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