Sky Plus

  aca 13:32 23 Aug 2006

If I were to get a standard Sky installation and then want to upgrade to Sky Plus how easy is it to do this to do myself (after going through E-Bay and getting cheaper Sky Plus box than direct through Sky).

Any potential problems?


  DieSse 14:54 23 Aug 2006

You need a Sky+ subscription - which you get via Sky.

You need a multi-output LNB - you only need a dual - but Sky usually fit a quad, so you can use yopur old box in another room if you wish.

You need an extra cable from the LNB to the Sky+ box, and another extra cable if you wish to use your old box too.

  aca 15:21 23 Aug 2006

Thanks DieSse

(sorry) Whats LNB?

  BigRik 15:35 23 Aug 2006
  aca 15:43 23 Aug 2006


wouldnt this come with the standard dish or as part of the box? Or would I have to get myself

  DieSse 15:59 23 Aug 2006

It comes with a Sky arranged Sky+ installation.

It would not be on a standard dish.

Yes you would need to get one and fit it yourself - and the cables.

That may be why buying from Sky direct is more expensive that just buying the box off ebay (or wherever).

  DieSse 16:01 23 Aug 2006

BTW - that's the quad one, of course - you already have a single output LNB.

And no, you can't just split the signal, each ouput needs to be independant of the other, which is what dual and quad LNBs do.

  silverous 16:54 23 Aug 2006

But presumably you *have* to get SKY to do it ? Presumably you can upgrade from SKY to SKY Plus as existing customer...not sure what they charge though.

  aca 16:56 23 Aug 2006

£199 for the box plus £50 installation hence my efforts to do it a bit cheaper.

Thanks for all your advice.

Looks like Sky the easier option.

  lovingit 10:53 29 Aug 2006

I wanted Sky+ last Xmas. I felt the offers for new subscribers were massively unfair. I know companies have to offer great deals to attract new customers but at the time they were almost giving Sky+ away to new subscribers. I rang and asked if there was anyway they'd offer any discount to existing subscribers. I was told no, but then rang sky HQ. SPoke to customer services and got a box plus installation for £99. Less than half price.

Worth ringing! They need people to remain as subscribers and if you're on the top package (£42), they are clearly open to negotiate

  the old man 18:07 29 Aug 2006

Further to last posting, I am on Sky world with sports and movies and on Thursday am upgrading to Sky+ and multiroom for £99.00 with free installation.

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