Sky News report on Laptop repair shops

  Roadgiant 07:12 22 Jul 2009

Interesting report on Sky News this morning:click here
on repair shops hacking into private data on laptops brought into repair and also people being told there was a lot more wrong with the laptop than the preset fault of a loose memory chip.

  laurie53 07:20 22 Jul 2009

I saw that. Disgraceful, and not entirely little local shops either.

If the report is widely seen expect to see a rush of updated security software.

  HondaMan 07:54 22 Jul 2009

The level of knowledge of the "average" computer user is appalling. So much so, that basic knowledge, like how to "drag 'n' drop" or copy files is lacking.

For some people, owning a computer is akin to giving techies a licence to take your money. They give an explanation which may or may not be correct, but hey, who are they to challenge it?

On the personal information side, I always remove the HDD IF my computer goes for repair. I keep a basic HDD with the OS installed, if I get a fault, I first swap HDDs, if the fault persists, I know it's a hardware fault, if not, then it's software. If it's hardware, then the computer goes in with the basic HDD installed

  961 11:42 22 Jul 2009

That's a great idea

Personally I'd never take a computer to a repair shop because of the problems highlighted in the report. Like leaving your wallett with a stranger to look after

But the average computer user is totally unaware and uninterested in such dangers until, of course, they affect them personally

Even attempts to get them to install effective anti virus and firewall programs fall on deaf ears

  powerless 11:49 22 Jul 2009

They just turned it on and opened explorer.

If you didn't think this ever happened then I don't know what to say!

  interzone55 13:36 22 Jul 2009

You'd be surprised at the number of technical faults that are down to corrupt software installation, so taking out the usual drive and replacing it with a clean install may result in a fully functioning PC.

This is why we had many "No Fault Found" returns when i was in PC repair...

  ened 07:01 23 Jul 2009

because I know my elderly parent is turning to someone like this everytime he has a problem.

I am too far away to help him and can only offer advice. But he ignores this and just keeps on doing the same old things which leave his machine having problems.

They are charging him around fifty quid just to look at it but he is happy because he gets his machine back working.

This particular outfit just claim the Hard Drive is faulty and replace it. A year or so ago a friend of mine couldn't get on line so he took it in to them: they changed the HDD and he still couldn't get on line. In that instance he was off for about six weeks because there was an unnderground fault - in other words nothing to do with his machine.

Recently I was talking to another friend who could not boot into windows because of a missing Dll. The worst case was that he needed a re-install but he called me to say it had been sorted. He said he had taken it to ********** and thay had repaired it. Rather glibly I said: " I suppose it needed a new Hard Drive". Correct!

There are an awful lot of people like my parent who are easily ripped off because, as the article points out, most of the people who need to use a repair shop know next to nothing about computers.

Easy targets.

I would say I am in the wrong business but I couldn't rip somebody off!

  jack 07:50 23 Jul 2009

computer user is appalling.
wrote Hondaman
Quite so
If you are a visitor to this forum - then you have interest in thing computery and an inkling of what is what
Most folk do not- no more than I can fix a TV or a modern motor car[Though I once used to]
To them a computer is an appliance and is treated as such like a TV/recorder/Washing machine.

Some folk in the crumbly community in which I lurk know full well that I can sort most computer problems[not all by any means] and relate this fact to each other- but still I get the odd individual who complain to me about how much they were charged by the local shop or PC World to fix their machine -although they very often cannot describe exactly what was wrong in the first place.

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