Sky never turned up, now won't get back to me!

  kinger 15:14 21 Aug 2006

I purchased a HD Sky box in June and it was installed in my lounge.

I purchased a second HD Sky box for an upstairs room which should have been installed Aug 19th.

Sky engineer never 'phoned or turned up to complete the installation.

I then called Sky helpline. The guy apologised and then said, I'll call the engineer and get back to you shortly.

I was put on hold but, after 35 minutes, decided that that was long enough.

I redialled Sky helpline and the new guy apologised and said he'd check it out. After a few minutes he got back to me and said, sorry but the installation was cancelled by mistake.

I had to move mountains to get that day off and wanted the installation to be a surprise for my wife and boy for when they got back from holiday. The installation date was very important.

I'd paid for the HD Sky box so the money was in Sky's account.

Why was it cancelled? The engineer who installed the first HD box saw the 'August' date and booked it in as 'Installation Complete' because he'd just installed one. Now I ask you.

Back to the guy on the helpline. "I don't know what to do about this yet... I'll call you back in two hours with a solution but the engineer can not come out today".

He did not call back. It's now two days later and I've still heard nothing.

My question is, how do I stand here. Am I due compensation for the delay/mistake or is it 'Just one of those things'.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

  SB23 15:35 21 Aug 2006

I can't say if you would be due any compensation, but, if it was a genuine mistake, then you'd at least expect them to be knocking on your door asap, and an apology.
I would ring them back and ask exactly what they are going to do about it, and also mention that they are not contacting you as promised, and see what happens.

  MichelleC 15:58 21 Aug 2006

Can't you get cable?

  gob14 16:14 21 Aug 2006

they done the same to me. went to the wrong address then when i phoned to inquire if they were going to turn up was phobed off n told sum one would call back to c if job could be completed that day or it would def b next and never heard a word.rung next day n heard all the same stuff and was told they d come a week latter.rung night before to check and they told me yes they would install next day at no 21( i live at 15)when i explained this they said they would cancel job n book it in for another day so i politely told them if they didnt install it next day as promised dont bother. it was installed next day and my account was cerdited with £50 for my incovenience(have yet to have statement confirming this)

  Colin 16:41 21 Aug 2006

MichelleC, can you get HD from cable?

  kinger 17:03 21 Aug 2006

Thanks people, I'm going to try calling again now.

MichelleC, I used to have cable but had no end of probs with accounts dept. so moved to Sky.

They've always been fine, until now.

I'm interested in their broadband and also have a Sky credit card (how sad is that, (smile)) so I don't really want to fall out with them.

  kinger 17:19 21 Aug 2006

Sky are extremely short staffed at the moment and, although the report has been passed on to a 'manager', they are not able to offer a new date for installation for me.

Once they can spare the staff, they are going to call me back (hopefully tonight at some stage) and offer an alternative date for installation.

Should it really be this complicated to book a new date after their mistake?

  Forum Editor 17:58 21 Aug 2006

but it is.

To be honest, you have to operate on two levels in today's world.

Level 1 is the reasonable "when an appointment is booked I expect it to be kept, unless there are exceptional circumstances, and if for some reason nobody turns up I expect to receive a sincere and unsolicited apology, plus, possibly a goodwill gesture of some sort"

Level 2 (and this one appears to be the one we all have to get used to) is the resigned "OK, I understand that something's gone wrong - these things happen - but I would be really grateful if there's anything you can do. I was planning this as a surprise for my wife, and I know it's not going to happen now, but if you can help I'll be a happy man".

Softly, softly, catchey monkey - and it works far better than ranting and raving at someone who couldn't care less anyway (not that I'm suggesting you did that, by the way).

  €dstowe 08:22 22 Aug 2006

"Once they can spare the staff, they are going to call me back"

Rubbish! They have the staff. If you were a new customer they'd be round with the installation kit before you'd put the phone down. Now, though, they've got you (and your money) by the proverbials so anything further you require you're going to have to wait.

This, unfortunately seems so common these days and is often expounded in these columns where a company is extremely keen to answer the phone to take your order (and money) but any calls after that are akin to trying to contact the afterlife.

  kinger 12:30 27 Aug 2006

I called again but they still haven't got back to me.

€dstowe, I have transferred my Sky Credit card balance to another card and also cancelled the Broadband that I signed an interest for.

They may not think that I can do anything about it but they'll lose my small (that would grow big, of course) donation to their profits in other ways.

I really can't believe that they have a problem with such a simple thing like an installation date.

  €dstowe 15:47 27 Aug 2006

Are you using Sky services for your TV reception or do you just have them as a convenience (inappropriate word in the circumstances) to fix you up with a satellite dish?

The reason I ask is because a couple of months go, my brother and myself fitted my father up with a satellite dish with a quad LNB (enabling four boxes to be attached). This included fixing the dish and all the cabling. It wasn't difficult to do and he was enjoying Freeview about an hour after we'd started.

I'm not suggesting you do it yourself, just saying that you can get people other than Sky to do satellite fitting for you.

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