Sky HD TV local problems

  Migwell 12:22 10 May 2011

Both my Daughter and I have Sky HD TV (installed 01/04/2011) and both in the Tyne Tees Border region. We both have the same problem, we both get local news and adverts from Granada TV (Manchester, Preston and Blackpool). When on HD at a time the national news hands over to the local we change channels to ordinary Sky ITV Channel 103 and get Tyne Tees local news.

Has any one had this problem and if so how did you get over it?

  bremner 14:18 10 May 2011


It is a ITV issue that is widely advertised.

Likewise on BBC HD when it goes to local news all you get is a screen saying not available on HD.

  961 16:06 10 May 2011

Both BBC1 HD and ITV HD don't have regional settings controlled by the post code setting of your individual sky card

The answer is to watch news programmes in standard definition when you will get your own regional programming

You are probably aware that all BBC regional news programmes are available to all sky boxes in the 970 programme range

Your sky box can also be set to pick up and store all ITV regions by using the "add other channels" menu at the top of the EPG

  morddwyd 20:22 10 May 2011

"The answer is to watch news programmes in standard definition when you will get your own regional programming"

Not on Sky I'm afraid.

You get what region they decide to give you.

On terrestrial I am in the STV North area, the old Grampian, and I get my local news from just twenty miles away, in fact my house regularly appears (in stock footage) in the local bulletins.

On Sky however I get my local news from the central belt, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I know about other "Other Channels" of course, but you can't record them.

Sky don't show STV in HD anyway.

  Migwell 00:56 11 May 2011

Not realy bothered about the news being in Hi def, just don't want to have to keep channels back and forth.

Should I not be able to get Tyne Tees News on the HD channel, instead of having to change back to 103 and then back to 178 after the news?

I don't want to have to watch Manchester stuff. Good grief if they can regionalise normal sky channeld none HD, what is wrong about them regionalising HD channels?

  wids001 07:32 11 May 2011

We have Virgin HD, a sky box that shows the free channels only as well as freeview on the TV. I am in the Anglia region and to watch the Anglia TV news from ITV I need to go to ch. 870 Virgin as 101 is London. The BBC HD channel on 108 directs you to 101 for local news when this is on. For BBC East I need to switch to the sky box as this is on 101 whereas it is not available at all on Virgin.

Strangely, when I retune the freeview on the TV it shows ITV Tyne Tees and BBC North East during tuning and nothing from the Anglia or London regions!!!!

  961 09:02 11 May 2011


Because of the bandwidth required I think it will be a very long time before regional news is transmitted in HD

  bremner 13:50 11 May 2011


You said "I know about other "Other Channels" of course, but you can't record them."

Since moving from London to Devon I regularly record the London News on the " other channel" on my Sky HD box.

  dms_05 15:53 11 May 2011

BBC and ITV only carry one news feed on BBC1 HD and ITV1 HD and if you live in an area not covered then the only option is to switch to 101 or 103. You can with the BBC chose whichever local regional news you want to watch using the channels starting around 970 with a Sky box. With ITV you can select the channel of your choice by using the 'Add Channel' function. I'm sure the same sort of options are available with Freesat as they have identical feeds as used by Sky. The only sure way to watch your local news across the UK is to watch Freeview 101 and 103.

  morddwyd 20:22 11 May 2011


ITV London is not "Other Channels"

It's in the Sky EPG and can be recorded as normal. I regularly record programmes which STV does not carry

However, it is the only ITV channel, other than whichever one which Sky decides is your local one, which appears in the EPG

  bremner 21:43 11 May 2011

You were talking ITV and I was talking BBC easy mistake

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