Sky freezing prices until August 2012

  TopCat® 18:20 30 Jun 2011

Full details, with added comments, can be seen at this link

Thank goodness for some happier news for a change! TC.

  birdface 19:04 30 Jun 2011

Not like Virginmedia who seem to be forever telling us that they are increasing one thing or another.

Getting a bit fed up with all their price increases.

Surely if you take out a year and a half contract the prices should remain the same for that period.

Not that long ago took out a new contract with V/M only to be told the following week that the phone rental price was increasing by £1 I think it was.

So the actual contract that they give you is not worth the paper it is written on.

probably Sky has already put their prices up this year already.

If not well done Sky maybe and other providers should follow suit.

I am sure I read somewhere where the BBC I think it was was trying to see if it was possible to send wireless signals for computer connection with the TV signals but whether they would be a charge for it or whether we would get it for free when paying for our TV License I know not.

I think it is an excellent idea and can see no reason why it would not work.

No doubt someone will tell me how impossible or unlikely that would be.

  morddwyd 20:00 30 Jun 2011

Perhaps I'll go for that 1Tb box after all.

  TopCat® 20:13 30 Jun 2011

I too welcome the BSkyB move and tend to think that putting prices on hold is a key part of a wider-ranging business plan, with more goodies to come for the viewers. BSkyB are trying to sign up as many more subscribers as possible which if successful should lead to a further rise in their share price.

This is already much higher than the 700 pence per share offered by News Corps when it first made a bid for the company, so every point higher means News Corps has to take this into account when making a final offer. TC.

  onthelimit1 20:51 30 Jun 2011

Shame that their service seems to fall short of the promises. A client called me 5 weeks ago, to ask if I'd set up his new laptop on Sky BB - due for activation 31 May. I went on 2nd June to find no ADSL. Rang Sky. "There has been a problem with provisioning, we will call the customer with an explanation within 48 hrs". A week later, nothing. Rang again, same sob story, but this time " will call within 72 hrs". Still nothing! He rang yesterday to be told "still a problem with provisioning, connection date 7 Jul". Shocking!

  Housten 16:43 01 Jul 2011

onthelimit1 I am not surprised, we have - thank goodness – left the double dealing ( and a lot more I could say ) sky rubbish and moved our ‘phone and broadband elsewhere. Okay we did go over the 2 GB limit, but it was told to us by them acting as judge, jury and executioner, and although I asked on several occasions why, how, what and anything else I could think of that put us over the limit ( we used 2.01 GB!! ) nobody could/would tell us how or why we went over. The difference between the base and the unlimited is £7.50 per month, and we had to pay TWO months – why? ( We were told we would be refunded the extra! Complete rubbish! ) The computer decided! When I cancelled the unlimited to go back to the base, the computer decided we were not fit people to have this and kept us on the unlimited!! It was a week or so into the billing period that I checked and found out. I rang and spoke to someone there who agreed I had cancelled, could not explain why it had not been changed and then altered it on the spot – after we had been told it was only at the end of a billing period that it could be altered!! Shortly into this saga – which went on over 4 months – we received a letter from a deputy managing customer director – or some such self important title – who apologised for the bad service we had received! This looks good when talking to your bosses, unfortunately the service we received from there just went downhill so fast it was unbelievable. In fact later this same bloke sent us two letters on the same day, one we received about 5 days later and the other about 6 days after that. One letter welcomed us to broadband unlimited and the other to the base package. Truly someone who believes in living down to his reputation – at least with my wife and I. Although we did not go instantly, I think the final straw was we only got £5.75 credit rather than £7.50, even though we had cancelled and they did not know why we hadn’t been transferred. Just to cap everything we got a letter from the bloke saying he was sorry to see us go! As he was responsible for us leaving, my wife will not let me write to him because she knows I will not be polite, because I would go through every email we wrote with a query and then go through their reply which rarely answered any point we raised. We are hypocrites I know because we kept television, but there is no chance of our having telephone/broadband from them, and I can only say to everyone to watch that part of your bill with care because I do not trust them at all!

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