Sky fibre impressions please

  Devil Fish 22:52 17 Aug 2016

Have a BT line at the momment and sky braodband.With increased competition for bandwidth in our household am looking to upgrade to sky fibre and also move phoneline across as it is only used for broadband, And to be frank not happy with BT.Any comments good or bad greatly appreciated before i take the plunge or not. Many thanks

  HondaMan 08:47 25 Aug 2016

**Devil Fish asked opinions on moving to Sky Everything else is totally irrelevant!** Of course it's not irrelevant. Opinions for and against Sky as well as other ISPs are all relevant as it gives a more rounded picture of what's out there. Some will favour sky whilst others, me included, will prefer other ISPs. Taken together, it may provide the OP with a more balanced view of Sky!

  bremner 13:58 25 Aug 2016


I think he had had a last hurrah on the Sherry :)

  Devil Fish 23:05 30 Aug 2016

hi all thanks for the replies sorry been so long coming back been having issues but thats another post lol.will sift through tomorrow when i go a bit more time thank you all

  Devil Fish 19:25 02 Sep 2016

Thank you all Going for skyfibre unlimited half price for 12 months

  Old Deuteronomy 20:51 02 Sep 2016

BT Confirm First 9 UK Areas to See 1Gbps FTTP Broadband Rollout.

I wonder how many decades it will be before small villages in West Somerset get upgraded?

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