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Sky fibre impressions please

  Devil Fish 22:52 17 Aug 2016

Have a BT line at the momment and sky braodband.With increased competition for bandwidth in our household am looking to upgrade to sky fibre and also move phoneline across as it is only used for broadband, And to be frank not happy with BT.Any comments good or bad greatly appreciated before i take the plunge or not. Many thanks

  HondaMan 10:18 18 Aug 2016

I use Plus Net. I know their advert is corney, but my download speed is in the region of 72+Mbps. I have used their help services, both internet and land line on a couple of occasions and cannot fault them. I have been with them since approximately 2005 and have no wish to change.

  mole44 15:14 18 Aug 2016

Go for Virgin if possible i'm on 50Mbps and my son is on the 200Mbps and i'm well pleased with them

  bremner 16:46 18 Aug 2016

The only true Fibre to home is Virgin and is not available to all.

All other fast broadband is Fibre to Cabinet and the full speed is only available if you live close to the cabinet. My son does and get 75Mb others locally are lucky to get 20Mb.

All Fibre broadband is supplied over BT lines from BT Exchanges. The various companies can generally offer better deals and customer service but no better speeds.

Finally plusnet is part of BT

  bremner 17:43 18 Aug 2016

Virgin has FTTP cick here

It also uses DOCSIS3 click here

  morddwyd 19:13 18 Aug 2016

Devil Fish asked opinions on moving to Sky

Everything else is totally irrelevant!

  bremner 19:14 18 Aug 2016

DOCSIS is at Virgin product.

BT are trialing G-Fast but any general rollout has not been suggested as yet.

As I have said there are only two companies providing cabled broadband. Virgin and BT, with other ISP's love Plusnet, Sky, Talk Talk etc using BT's infrastructure.

  bremner 19:16 18 Aug 2016
  bremner 19:18 18 Aug 2016

Of course it's not irrelevant, the whole point is Sky uses BT infrastructure so they will not get any better bandwidth capability.

  bremner 21:35 18 Aug 2016

Interesting - will have to see if they manage to achieve the 2017 commencement. 1 million residential by 2020 is not that great an ambition though.

They promised us standard fast broadband BT late 2015 and we still have no idea when we will actually get it.

  QuizMan 23:40 22 Aug 2016

I am contemplating the same switch to Sky fibre. I get everything from Sky - TV, broadband and phone. The current fibre offer is £10pm off for life. However I am currently in the middle of a free broadband offer which no doubt will be cancelled if I switch to fibre. In theory it is currently broadband unlimited @ max 20mbs (I think), but reality is rarely more than 6mbs. It is a household of two of us so demand on capacity is not too bad. I can stream iPlayer, Sky Go etc with no loss of quality so an upgrade to fibre is a nice-to-have with me. It's probably worth a phone call to Sky to see what they can offer on the basis of that you are thinking of switching elsewhere. It costs nothing to ask and if you don't ask, you don't get.

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