sky broadband.........what a dissappointment

  slammert 20:47 22 Dec 2006

have been with aol for several years i changed to sky.......6mb compared to 2mb and cheaper.....only thing cheaper is the service no email since i started 6 weeks ago and continually getting knocked off......maybe time to crawl back to aol

  Jake_027 21:15 22 Dec 2006

Been with AOL silver for a couple of years now and planning to move to Sky BB max when it becomes available. AOL are not as competititve as they used to be, I'd look around if I were you. Twice this week I've had to completely uninstall and reinstall AOL because it crashed and wouldn't reconnect, which is very annoying when you have tosit through the installation guide for beginners when all you want to do is install the software again - there is no option to skip through the guide. And as for the customer service when you need help - diabolical. Live help just repeats the same answer over and over and over again or you can choose to sit and listen to music for half and hour in a call centre queue. I don't know any other provider who installs so much clutter. I don't want AOL software as my main browser-its options are limited and it is hard to use, if I'd have wanted the AOL toolbar I'd have said, same goes for the you've got pictures screensaver. It doesn't even give ask if you want these, you have to install and then uninstall. And AOL spyware protection messed up iTunes so I had windows installer runnig for 3 minutes at every startup reinstalling iTunes missing files and if I browsed througgh AOL itself it would tell me spyware protection had to update and i would have to close AOL while it did it and it didn't even work-I cleaned out 76 logs of the same installation that was supposedly successful. So yes, I can't say I'm a happy AOL customer ;)


  Stuartli 23:50 22 Dec 2006

One of my offspring, an IT support specialist, once told me that if I ever installed AOL on my system I would be completely on my own from then on.....:-)

  jarani 00:53 23 Dec 2006

i have been with freeserve ( orange ) since it started - never a problem over all that time - never had to use their support line so i do not know how that compares - i had one or two upgrades free because i am a long standing customer they said - i pay £17.99 pm - jarani

  Forum Editor 08:33 23 Dec 2006

And rightly so, in my opinion.

I've watched broadband deals come and go over the years since ADSL first saw the light of day, and I've come to the firm conclusion that there's only one broadband provider worth using - BT.

I have used BT broadband since the week it was first launched, and haven't even considered making a change since - the service is rock-steady and fast, and when all is said and done reliability comes at the top of the list. There's no point in clpping a few pounds a month off the cost if the result is a flaky service level.

  acfc 08:52 23 Dec 2006

While I agree there is little point saving a few pounds for poor service/support I can't agree BT is the only provider worth using.

Nothing against BT but the best???

I'm with Zen who regularly win awards, have provided me with a fast reliable service and when you call them they even respond (unusual it seems these days)

And if they don't impress you can even leave without penalty (unlike BT and most other providers) which must act to keep Zen on their toes!

I have recommended Zen to family and their opinion matches mine

  Forum Editor 09:26 23 Dec 2006

I've heard that Zen is a very good provider, and your response underlines the fact that good providers benefit from the loyalty their service engenders. I like BT because they provide me with a reliable service and you like Zen for the same reason. Neither of us would contemplate trying the other supplier because we're happy where we are.

  jack 15:11 23 Dec 2006

I guess if you never have to think about your provider- one can assume they must be doing something right.-So that's me been with them for years through dial and ADSL.
The problem with the much publicised big deal sites is that they are easily overwhelmed with demand- so commonsense should say to people if every one is going there that is good enough reason to stay away.

My provider- well- now I don't want you lot joining so I shan't tell you- so there ;-)

  rodriguez 15:42 23 Dec 2006

I've just moved from BT to Sky Broadband and I wish I had BT back. Not one problem with the BT service and it never cut off - unlike Sky. Sky seems to have a thing where it will stop loading pages every now and again. "Page cannot be displayed" then wow it works again - for a little while then it stops loading pages again. It's like being in a traffic jam - stop start, stop start. Also the download speeds are poor and of slower than what I was getting with BT. The problem is my dad doesn't want to change it back to another ISP because of the hassle we had getting it changed to Sky.

  realist 18:16 23 Dec 2006

I'm with AOL and it has served me, and all our family pc's well. On BB Silver I've had seamless service since I upgraded and with negotiation got my sub down from £17.99 to £9.99 a month. AOL is great for family use and those put useability above everything else.

  Kate B 19:06 23 Dec 2006

Pipex all the way for me. In general I think that you get what you pay for, and if you go for a "free" broadband service you can expect it to be less good than you'd like.

I also tend to warn people that if they insist on installing AOL they're clogging up their PC with bloated rubbish that often doesn't work and that I won't be able to help them with any subsequent problems because my advice will be "get rid of AOL".

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