Sky broadband - very quick Q

  Bailey08787 16:25 05 Mar 2007

I've recently signed up for the £26 (telephone, tv, broadband) package.

Sky can't get anyone to come out to me until the 18th March to fix the dish on.

I called and asked when the broadband would be activated, and they said another ten days from then.

Does this seem right? I don't see what's stopping them activating the line now?

Did I just luck out with who I talked to? or is this the case?


  donki 16:41 05 Mar 2007

Ive had very few proble,s with my SKY and luv the servise but on the few occasions it has gone wrong its been a nightmare. Engineers taking weeks to show up or not even showing up at all. So id just get used to it, or go to an indipendant Sky engineer who ive found in my local area.

  Bailey08787 17:23 05 Mar 2007

thanks - but that doesn't really answer my Q

I have a router and all the necessary equipment - so is there any reason why they can't activate the line now?

  vinnyT 13:52 06 Mar 2007

Shouldn't be, as they are using BTs line.

It may be to do with the number of connections they are doing, and so you are way down the list.

  Bailey08787 15:36 06 Mar 2007

i called again, and they said because it was part of the package they could contractually connect me.

It all comes at once, or not at all

(if only that was true, because no doubt when my sky dish does get installed, I will have to wait some more for the broadband connection to be activated)

  keef66 15:18 08 Mar 2007

Then you should make sure you don't part with any money until they have provided you with the entire, working package. Your contract is for the provision of all three services.

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