Sky Broadband

  Jimmy14 15:52 12 Aug 2006

I understand that there has already been threads in Consumerwatch but I would like some fellow advice from people who are interested in Sky Broadband and have entered their interest through the website. I have received an email from Sky letting me know that the Base, Mid and Max Packages in their broadband service are not available in my area for another 12 months although I can get Sky Broadband Connect, 8mb with a 40Gb Cap for £17 a month including wireless router which they will email me to let me know when it's ready.

I am just wanting to find out who has emailed their interest and what correspondence they have received from Sky on which available packages they can receive.

Greatly appreciated, James

  anskyber 16:27 12 Aug 2006

Same as you, I got the e-mail. To be honest my local tel exchange only serves 2000 people so the chance of any LLU seems most unlikely.

  Greengage 16:35 12 Aug 2006

I will not be ready for "the next few months".

  phoenix198 17:05 12 Aug 2006

Had the same e-mail and follow-up written correspondence from Sky as you, and they also offered the Sky Broadband Connect service.

Unlike anskyber my local tel exchange is fairly large serving a densely populated area, but Sky are still saying that their LLU service won't be available for another 12 months. Not much use to me as I am likely to move away from this area within the next 14 months.

I may consider the Sky Broadband Connect service though - £17 pcm for an up to 8MB service (probably limited to 4MB in my area) with a 40GB cap sounds reasonable, if I can talk them out of the £40 connection fee!

  Jimmy14 17:08 12 Aug 2006

that is 1 aspect of the proposed connect package for me and you that is a disadvantage, the £40 installation fee although having said that I am looking foward to getting a free wireless router. Does anyone know if the engineer will install the broadband and the router or leave that to me?

  Pamy 18:29 12 Aug 2006

£50 to do it for you

  Stuartli 20:33 12 Aug 2006

According to the Sky Broadband website details of the pricing:

click here

"If you subscribe to our MAX product our optional Home Installation service is FREE."

"If you choose to take this service with our other products it will cost £50."

Can't make head or tail of it but then I'm not a Sky subscriber (the thought of further enriching its owner bring me out in a cold sweat)..:-)

  the old man 18:11 13 Aug 2006

I have been told exactly the same thing, have to wait 12 months but can have midi at £17 in about 2/3 weeks.
To add something to your post - I am in Flintshire, North Wales.
Would be interested where other members who are in the same boat are located, just a general area though.

  Jimmy14 18:12 13 Aug 2006

out of interest, what broadband supplier are you currently with and are you going to take skys £17 offer in 2/3 weeks?

  the old man 18:29 15 Aug 2006

Have a 'retention deal' with Pipex which gives me 2mb download, 5gb monthly limit for £14.99. They keep fobbing me off when I ask to be upgraded to 8mb(5.4mb in our area) service.

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