Sky Broadband

  dms05 11:10 19 Jul 2006

I was comparing the cost of the new Sky Broadband + Calls + Line Rental of £14/month (assuming you are a current Sky customer) with my existing deal with BT at £42 - for an inferior service (BB same but calls only after 6pm).

The £28 I save each month goes a long way towards paying for my Sky 'content' package. The question I ask of BT is 'how can you justify your pricing'?

  Murielson 1 11:16 19 Jul 2006

Does this mean that you no longer have a BT line and hence no BT line rental charge?

  dms05 11:21 19 Jul 2006

My understanding is just that - Sky become your total supplier and you no longer deal with BT. However I would appreciate others confirming this is the case.

  Pamy 11:25 19 Jul 2006

not according to what I have read, you still have to have Bt line rental

  dms05 11:32 19 Jul 2006

Quoting from 'The Register':

The base service is free except for a £40 connection fee and a £50 installation fee. The max package costs £14 a month including phone line rental.

  anchor 11:41 19 Jul 2006

Details of the Sky offer here:

click here

You have to be a Sky subscriber to have it.

The free UK phone call package is an option at £5/month. BT line rental is additional. It will probably, like other similar offers, exclude calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers.

  dms05 12:10 19 Jul 2006

anchor - excellent link. Full details!

So you do need BT (and their Line Rental Tax) but the Sky call package is only £5/month.

Also reports suggest the role out over the UK will take time and not everyone will be able to join immediately - it all depends upon your location. However you can register now no matter where you are.

  dms05 12:11 19 Jul 2006 can install yourself or pay the £50 fee for a professional installation - your choice.

  DrHoliday 12:48 19 Jul 2006

Most ISP's ask you to have a BT line.
No BT line means your stucjk with Sky, as Virgin & Wandoo and others require this.

  Naeris 14:20 19 Jul 2006

I've just requested this myself but only the base broadband package, free broadband and free wireless router for just £40 connection (although I think it's unfair to charge this as my bt line is already enabled so will beg this for free also when they call me!).

I think it looks good thus far........

  Jimmy14 18:38 19 Jul 2006

not available in my area for activation but they are working on it.


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