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  taffy101 18:35 12 Mar 2006

A friend has installed Sky by Broadband and cannot get the video to play in the Sky program. Only a garbled picture appears. I believe the Sky player uses Windows media player to play the video as it says it requires media player 10 and needs a DRM update for the media player. He can download the films alright (several hours on 2 MB broadband) and when we find them in the download folder they can be opened with Windows media player and play fine. We have contacted Sky about this, but they were less than helpful, saying their service was working properly and that we should look on the Microsoft site for further help.

Also has anyone else got views on the new Sky by Broadband service as I beleive it works on a peer to peer basis?

  Forum Editor 18:41 12 Mar 2006

so I'm going to moved it over there.

  MidgetMan 18:43 12 Mar 2006
  MidgetMan 18:48 12 Mar 2006

check this site out,
click here

some good reading, personally I took it off when i realised it was peer to peer, loads of probs uninstaling it you need to download a prog called k clean. Always running in back ground etc and slows thge whole system down. The filmscan only be opened in media player and expire in 30 days.

  taffy101 20:03 12 Mar 2006

Thanks for your reply and the links. I've noticed a service called Kservice running in Windows services. Could I disable this to stop the background processes, and re-enable it when needed? My friend is now unsure if it is worth keeping the Sky program on his computer!

  MidgetMan 08:30 13 Mar 2006

Kservice is one of the bits it runs, this is the one that does not get uninstalled automatically, you need kclean then you have to remove it from the startup list as well, also a good thing to check the registery. As said it is a pig of a programme both in the resources it takes and in getting rid of it, no wonder sky try to keep quite about the fact it is p2p.

Personally I would not touch it with a barge pole as i learnt my lesson!!!!.

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