Skillstrain!!! I need help!!!

  *tanya* 20:36 02 Jan 2010

Hello, please can someone help me!! i am a skillstrain student and have been on the bookkeeping course for a year and only on my 2nd book, they have been unhelpful and i want to cancel as i am not happy and want my monney back, im unemployed and am using my ema money to pay them but i have found it cheaper elsewhere

  Clapton is God 20:50 02 Jan 2010

So, have you actually put these points to the Skillstrain people?

  Forum Editor 23:59 02 Jan 2010

that you have simply become tired of the course, and have no wish to continue, or are you alleging that the company has failed to fulfil its obligations to you under the terms of the contract you entered into?

  Chris the Ancient 14:29 03 Jan 2010

Why have you started a new thread? You knew that there was an existing one click here to which you contributed a little while ago. So, I presume you read all the pages there on the difficulties many others (including me) have gone through.

Personally, and having had many dealings with SkillsTrain (as is apparent in that thread and an appearance on BBC 'Watchdog'), I feel that to wait over a year to accomplish whatever you have and realise that things have not worked out makes for a less than strong case for getting your money back.

Despite many complaints - written and televised - I never, ever got any form of satisfaction out of SkillsTrain.

Having said that, good luck in trying to so do.

  *tanya* 20:26 03 Jan 2010

No not yet, i have been waiting for them to reopen,, no i am not tired of the course, the course is something which i wanted to do, i am very interested in studying accounts but skillstrain have not made the course easy for me, the books is confusing and when i ask for help the tutuor simply tells me what the book says but in his own words, and therefore i have add to take books out from my local library to help me, they arent providing me with materials that will help me as they have said and there is no student online support for this course,i feel i am paying more tthen what i am getting??!! its nothing to do with me being tired of the course, its just them not giving me the help i need, in a subject which is completely alien to me, the advisor that came said its okay if its new to me they offer all the materials and support i ask for.
With regards to starting this thread im sorry i wasnt sure how the site worked and also i thought that the other thread was not being seen by others, sorry

this course is meant to last for 3 years, i have been studying as much as i can but am finding it difficult, its my fault for not doing some research on ST before signing up as other government funded courses for young people offer more support and the duration is less. Please can you advise me on how to cancel and at least get some of my money back

thank you

  Clapton is God 14:44 04 Jan 2010

"Please can you advise me on how to cancel and at least get some of my money back"

I repeat what I said in my post 2 January - have you spoken to Skillstrain?

Only they are best placed to advice how to cancel, etc.

  dorisN 22:25 24 Feb 2010

I've been studying bookkeeping for over a year. I have sent many messages through Student World mailbox and have always received replay quickly. I made as well few phone calls to my tutor and they were always very useful and helpful. I've already finished Section 2 Part B book and received SAGE instant and recently SAGE Payroll(genuine software which I registered ringing SAGE meself). That's why I don't understand all those bad comments about SkillsTrain itself. I work and study and it's been difficult but I know that this would take a while to complete the course. I only hope I will receive proper certificate but I can always take an exam with IAB or SAGE. So I think I'm good example that this can work and I'm foreigner so for me it's even harder. Don't give up guys and maybe samoebody wants to share with me the experience and problems with studyin. I'd like to meet some genuine students of bookkeeping from SkillsTrain. My email: [email protected]

  Jim Thing 11:19 25 Feb 2010

It's really not a good idea to give your e-mail address on an open forum as you may find yourself bombarded with uninvited advertising (or worse).

PCA Forum members can e-mail you (via this website without actually knowing your address) by clicking on the yellow envelope next to your name above your post, and forum etiquette says that we should only use the yellow envelope when invited to.

Good luck with SkillsTrain.

  Chris the Ancient 12:38 25 Feb 2010

I feel that you are in comparative isolation with your praise for SkillsTrain.

If you read the thread ( a long one, I accept)
click here you will see that very many people have a less positive attitude than you do about them.

However, and Like Jim Thing, I wish you well and good luck with your training.

  wee eddie 12:57 25 Feb 2010

the amount of time and application, needed to complete an External, or Postal, Course. I failed dismally when it came to my Accountancy Course and did not sit the Exams as I knew that I was ill prepared.

Unfortunately, signing along the dotted line, commits one to the whole caboodle, including the charge. Succeed or fail.

In my case Mobile Discotheques and Parties had taken over.

  dorisN 20:51 25 Feb 2010

Jim thanks for advise but I'm a big girl.

Chris - all those are from 2007 and now is 2010 and many people are just lazy and think that if they pay so much that exam is just piece of cake!!!! It's easy to blame somebody else.

I just looking for some normal people who know how this looks like at the end and with exams.

Anyway to all good luck with ur studying:))

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