matt5705 10:19 03 Jul 2003

i bought a sd card for my handheld i bought 32 megs but it says its 30 meg! my grand pa bought a pc with 512 ram and only got 480ram he bought a 80 meg hard drive but got 75meg!

whats going on have i got a right to complain or have i got no right? and how do i!

(the computer is evesham but i forgot the cards company)

  Demora 10:00 04 Jul 2003

Thi has something I think to do with the formatting of the cards/Hard drives when they are installed into the equipment. I have a 32meg SD card for my Ericsson MP3 player add on for my mobile and it reads 30. meg. My 128 meg compact flash card for my camera reads 122 meg and the 80gig hard drive is the same as yours.

Just the FAT I would assume


  somar 19:51 04 Jul 2003

I think that demora is right; it has everything to do formatting and formatting information. Sometimes size is also misreported by OS.

  Colin 16:24 05 Jul 2003

They are all correct apart fron the PC RAM. Does your Grandpa's PC have onboard graphics with shared memory? It sounds like it is using 32MB of the PC's RAM, which is OK.

  Colin 16:25 05 Jul 2003

Didn't see that this thread has been posted twice!

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