? Siting SatNav in C3 Picassa

  AroundAgain 11:51 09 Nov 2013

Hi I have a C3 Picassa (and love it) and would like a Sat Nav. However, having borrowed a friend's the other day, I have found the windscreen to be far away, and even the side glass panel to be too far away for seeing the screen adequately at times.

I was able to temporarily get the SatNav secure in the area behind the steering wheel (a bit of a Heath Robinson job) and was brilliant while on straight roads/motorways but, when navigating streets (that I didn't know) I found that by turning the steering wheel, as one does to turn corners, it would block my view of the SatNav.

Unfortunately, the texture of the dashboard/interior isn't smooth and I've found the sticky gel pieces won't stick, nor will the fixtures that fit to windows.

So, has anyone any suggestions as to any likely solution, please? I don't want to permanently stick anything which would spoil the surface as and when removed, ie if/when I sold the car.

Thanks very much, as ever, for any ideas

  tullie 13:41 09 Nov 2013

I have a pad that sits on top of the dashboard,the sucker on my tomtom sits on this.Have a look on Amazon,there are a few accessories similer

  AroundAgain 14:06 09 Nov 2013

Thanks tullie Unfortunately, I've found the sticky pads don't stay in place, unless you are referring to something different?

The surface of the dashboard/interior has little ridges/texture so these things don't 'stick' and just shift around. :(

  tullie 15:42 09 Nov 2013

My pad isent sticky it just sits there

  Woolwell 15:51 09 Nov 2013

I used to use a cushion type mat sold by TomTom in my old car where the windscreen was too far away. You can buy them in Halfords and from Amazon. The mount didn't slide around.

  AroundAgain 19:42 09 Nov 2013

Thanks guys,

However, I'm still skeptical. Sorry. I bought a number of various pads to hold my phone (Galaxy S3) and they just don't hold to the dashboard surface. Certainly the heavier bean bag type pads sound good but I still wonder if they will hold in place

I'm hoping someone who's got the same car, C3 Picasso, has experienced the same issue and managed to find something that will hold on the textured dashboard

I don't want to be buying one thing after another without having some assurance that it will do the job.

Please keep ideas flowing ;)


  rdave13 20:40 09 Nov 2013

sat/nav mounts might give an idea?

  Woolwell 22:01 09 Nov 2013

I was doubtful about the bean bag types but it did stay in place.

  BT 08:33 10 Nov 2013

I have one similar to this

Sat Nav Pad

Its weighted and has a non slip base and stays wherever you put it on the dashboard. As it doesn't leave a mark on the windscreen it doesn't attract unwanted attention. I just put it in under the front seat when I leave the car ( with the satnav in my pocket)

  AroundAgain 13:33 10 Nov 2013

I rather like the Brodit ProClip, as it would be quite neat. Thx rdave :) I do appreciate your assurances regarding the pads, though. They are obviously pretty stable.

I've now got to decide on which SatNav to get !!!

Thanks guys

  The Kestrel 15:51 10 Nov 2013

If you go for a Tom Tom satnav then I would recommend this mount (link below). It can be used on the window, on the dashboard or attached to the air vents.

click here

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