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  ray27 14:43 16 Jul 2003

I have had my share o problems with a Mesh system I bought in Feb of this year I won?t bore any one with the details as most of them I have posted before.

I now have problems with bios beep codes and Mesh state that the only way they can correct the problem would be for me to send it back to them.

The system seems to work ok apart from the beep codes so I am reluctant to send it back as I believe that they don?t like being moved around a lot (I mean computers)
Now I paid separately for on site cover and don?t see why I should go through all the inconvenience involved with sending it back.

First off they say I have to identify all the scratches and dent?s etc. which sounds to me as if they expect it to be banged about a bit in transit which is most likely.

I do not have the original packaging (yes I now I should have kept it but we are in the middle of decorating and the wife decided to cut it up and get some space).

Why can?t they send an engineer to visit on site which would be far better from my point of view?
I am going to refuse to send it back and will insist on an onsite visit.
Do you think this is an unreasonable request?

  -pops- 14:52 16 Jul 2003

Mesh are active here today so you may get a quick response, Ray.

This next comment may seem a bit facetious but, you say you have on site cover - who's site - yours or theirs?

Having followed your problems posted here previously in connection with this, I would have thought that you would get a little bit special treatment from Mesh, even if for nothing more than avoiding yet another very long thread attacking their after sales service.

Good luck


  bremner 16:09 16 Jul 2003

I would insist on getting what you have paid for they must come out and examine the machine.

An 'on site' warranty means in situ, where the machine is used.

'Return to Base' warranties mean it is returned to the manufacturer.

click here for the terms and conditions of the Mesh warranty

  Sir Radfordin 16:19 16 Jul 2003

Taken from those terms and conditions:

If a component hardware failure or fault is diagnosed (with the exception of motherboards) which is the responsibility of the seller:
The Seller will remedy the goods by the replacement of part/s by an attending third party or Mesh Computers Plc Engineer, at the Buyers delivery address within Mainland UK. The Seller will provide parts and labour free of charges.

If a component hardware problem occurs which cannot be diagnosed or a motherboard fault occurs, which is the responsibility of the seller:
The seller will remedy the goods by a free of charges collection within mainland UK only. The seller will provide testing for diagnosis, parts and labour free of charges.

So providing Mesh can't diagnose the problem then you don't get onsite support. You could claim thats unfair under the Fair Contracts Act but I doubt you read the T&C before buying (perhaps a wrong assumption?).

The T&Cs don't state that if a fault occurs you will get an on-site visit. If the fault can be identified you will get someone out to replace that part. They will not diagnose problems onsite.

  Steven135 16:29 16 Jul 2003

It seems to me that Mesh don't often send an engineer. I have a friend with a Mesh the power supply failed.

She had to send it back she took advice before phoning to confirm that it was the power supply but they insisted that it must be returned.

Went back they replaced power supply.

  ray27 18:35 16 Jul 2003

If what Sir Radfordin states is true, and I see no reason to doubt it as he seems a very thorough young man, then the fact that company?s such as a Mesh who advertise on site cover have the dice loaded in their favour.

How can anyone be certain about diagnosing a problem with something as complicated as a computer by using a telephone?

This leaves them with the right to ask the purchaser to send the offending machine back to them for the least excuse.

After all they only have to say that they are not certain what the problem is which would seem apply to the majority of calls for support.

I am refusing to send the machine back to Mesh as I think more damage will be done just by sending it back than is actually wrong with it.

As I repeatedly told them there does not appear to be any problem other than these mysterious tones (it was six this time I booted up ,not all of the same scale and length )

Come on Mesh speak to me

  Steven135 22:48 16 Jul 2003

By coincidence I met my friend tonight who had to send her machine back because the power supply had failed.

It has happened again same problem and again she has to send it back, she is a pensioner and could well do without the hassle.

'On site' seems to be a joke, be interesting to see how many Mesh owners on here have received a home visit!

  anchor 09:06 17 Jul 2003

This is not the first time we have read about problems in getting on-site service from Mesh.

What a difference to my experience with Evesham, who have never been reluctant to give me on-site service.

Who will I buy from next time?; make a guess!.

  bfoc 09:07 17 Jul 2003

Mesh's own terms and conditions on returning to base, as printed above, do leave a potential 'loophole'. They state 'If a component hardware problem occurs which cannot be diagnosed..', they do not stipulate where any attempt to diagnose the problem should occur nor who diagnoses it. They certainly do not state, or even imply, that such attempts must be over the phone.

It would appear reasonable to me to argue that, as you have on-site cover, an attempt to sort the matter out on-site should be made, their terms and conditions would certainly allow it. Clearly, as is the case with almost any company, if the problem cannot be sorted on-site it will have to be returned.

If this was me I would write to Mesh (perhaps via the 'direct' PC Advisor email address) making clear that since an on-site warranty was an integral part of your purchase you expect that they provide you with what you paid for. I would highlight their continuing failure to provide you with a properly working machine and make clear that you insist upon an on-site visit to make 'a first attempt to diagnose the problem'.

  ray27 09:25 17 Jul 2003

That sounds resonable to me .

What is the`direct` PC Adviser address?
Please excuse my ignorence but I am not quite sure which address you mean.
Manny thanks for your advice

  MESH Response 10:09 17 Jul 2003

MESH does not want to comment on any interpretation of our terms and conditions. We do want to fix ray27's PC. On a general note, if a customer possesses an on site warranty and we are unable to isolate the reason behind any hardware fault over the phone by our experienced technical operatives, we will advise that the system comes back to base for a full inspection in our repairs department, where we can check it fully - something we are unable to do on-site.

Ray - please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Regards - MESH Response

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