rickf 18:30 08 Apr 2012

Have you bought anything from this online retailer? If so are they any good? Thinking of buying something from them. Cheers

  Forum Editor 18:32 08 Apr 2012

This should be in Consumerwatch. Moving it from Speakers Corner now.

  [DELETED] 19:16 08 Apr 2012

Trust Pilot.


Google for customer reviews if you are thinking of buying.

Think I would try somewhere different.

  rickf 23:51 08 Apr 2012

buteman the links are very helpful I won't touch them with a barge pole. Thanks

  Proclaimer 09:05 10 Apr 2012

Yes I have, and successfully sued them in the small claims court after I cancelled my order and they then sent it out and billed me six weeks after that and 'dragged their heels' on the refund. Got my money back and compensation.

I should in fairness point out that other than the product being dispatched very late,(I cancelled after waiting 2 weeks for dispatch for a lens they said was in stock) it was otherwise as ordered and would have been great.

  [DELETED] 14:03 18 Apr 2012

@proclaimer - how did you sue them? I thought they were a Hong Kong company? Did you serve the papers (or whatever it is you do in a small claims case) to their return address on the Isle of Wight? Did they turn up and fight? Did they pay?

Good on you for standing up to them anyway.

After 2 weeks of waiting for a refund, I've filed a dispute with Visa. Hopefully they'll take it from here..


  HondaMan 14:38 18 Apr 2012

"Did they pay?" - "Got my money back and compensation."


  [DELETED] 14:45 18 Apr 2012

Well, I'm hoping to get my money back courtesy of VISA, and I wonder whether there's some consumer protection fund thing.. Like, if you get hit by an uninsured driver, you can claim from a fund maintained by the insurance companies (and ultimately, us).

I'm just really surprised anyone even showed up at court.

I heard that all Trading Standards could do was refer things back to HK..

Good on Proclaimer, anyway.

  [DELETED] 14:54 18 Apr 2012

Plus, there's a difference between being awarded compensation, and actually receiving the cash..


  Proclaimer 20:46 18 Apr 2012

I used the on-line service to sue them in in the small claims court, as I recall it was in Nottingham. I certainly had a UK contact address, (I believe they gave that to me in an e-mail exchange), for them to have the papers served. There was no actual court attendance. It was all mail.

The court agreed to my claim and gave them 60 days to respond, to contest, with a defence. They did not respond so the claim was deemed undefended so I 'won'. 2 weeks after that Simply Electronics paid me my refund, including postage and £50.00 in compensation that I claimed for my time and inconvenience.

This was 2 years ago.

  Proclaimer 20:48 18 Apr 2012

Here is the address I used in the claim; Unit 32 26 St Michaels Ave Gedling Nottingham NG4 3NN

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