Simply lies & fails to deliver

  Scarlet Frog 13:59 13 Sep 2003

On 10 September 2003, at about lunchtime I placed a software order, by telephone, with Simply, for software. I chose to deal with Simply because they offered a "next day" delivery service. After detailing the order and giving my credit card number, I was told that all 4 items were in stock and would be delivered next day.

At 6-15 pm on 11 September I phoned Simply to find out why the order had not been delivered. Their "customer services" dept. informed me that:-a) One of the items I had ordered was out of stock (lying salesgirl), b) that I should have been given an order number for reference (no order number had been given to me), and c) that their delivery van had tried to deliver at 1210 pm but had found no-one at home. This despite the fact that I had been at home all day and had not seen any attempt to deliver. I would add that it is impossible for any vehicle to reach my home without being in plain sight over a distance of some 100 yds and having to return by the same road, my home being across the end of a long straight cul de sac. I had checked that our doorbell was working correctly and could be heard throughout our home.

However the "customer service" rep. promised to arrange a delivery for 12 Sept. And made a note of my 'phone number in case the delivery people needed to contact me if there were any problems about the delivery.

At 6-12 pm on 12 Sept. I phoned Simply to enquire why the delivery still had not been made. I was greeted with a message that the office was closed and that their hours were from 8-30 am to 6-30 pm (note that I phoned more than 15 minutes before they should have closed).

At 9-05 am on 13 Sept. I again phoned Simply and was put on hold for 9 minutes waiting to get through to the "customer services" dept. (surely indicating a large number of dissatisfied customers) This time the customer service rep assured me that an attempt had been made to deliver at 5-29 pm on 12 Sept. I pointed out that at this time I had been enjoying a pre-dinner drink in a room overlooking the only approach/depart road from our home, and no delivery had been attempted. Further, that no-one had telephoned me to sort out any delivery difficulties.

The "customer service" rep. asked me if I wanted details of the delivery firm and the order number (which even at that late stage, no-one had offered to tell me). I replied that I had no wish to deal with a firm who treated me in this fashion, and wished to cancel the order and requested that a full refund be processed on my credit card number. This was agreed, but I further instructed that all of my details be deleted from their database, since I had no wish for any further contact with them. This also was agreed, but I shall confirm this instruction in writing so that any future contact from them will be in breach of data protection legislation.

The reason for this posting is to warn prospective Simply customers that they can expect to be misled by sales staff and receive cavalier treatment from the delivery people

  Jester2K II 14:11 13 Sep 2003

Thats right. One bad experience means we'll all suffer the same!!!

Its a sad but real part of ANY company these days that OCCASIONALLY customers ( a very small %) will suffer bad service. I have on occasions and on other occasions, with the same companies, have received very good service.

"One of the items I had ordered was out of stock (lying salesgirl)"

I would like to point out that sometimes items can go out of stock in the manner you mentioned. Sometimes the database take a while to update and so it can show 4 in stock when there are none.

"9 minutes waiting to get through to the "customer services" dept. (surely indicating a large number of dissatisfied customers)" or could be low on staff or any other reason.

Basically you got a bad experience but 1000's of people a day will continue to get good service from them. Make a complaint yes, but you can't make statements like "The reason for this posting is to warn prospective Simply customers that they can expect to be misled by sales staff and receive cavalier treatment from the delivery people" unless you can prove it happens all the time....

Which it doesn't....

  Forum Editor 14:16 13 Sep 2003

no doubt about that. What I cannot understand is the aggressive manner in which you blithely call people liars.

It's always a dangerous thing to do, and under normal circumstances I would have deleted your thread immediately. That it's still here is an indication of our recognition of a real problem under all the vindictive comment. We don't tolerate threads that incite others to avoid a company, and accusing sales staff of deliberately misleading customers is a serious matter.

I'm going to allow the thread to run, but please do not post in similar terms again.

I would personally have jumped at the chance of contacting the couriers directly - you would have been able to find out precisely who called, if they called - and when. You seem to have lost sight of the fact that Simply have to rely on information from their couriers about attempted deliveries, so the Simply staff would have been repeating what they were told.

I agree that it's not exactly efficient to turn the phone system to automatic answering twenty minutes before closing time, although it happens with other companies. If calls are in hand that will take the staff beyond closing time they will often switch to answering when they realise that new incoming calls can't be dealt with that day.

In general terms it seems to me that you haven't been on the receiving end of exemplary customer service, but neither have you been treated in a way that justifies your sweeping generalisations about the company.

  mikef. 14:44 13 Sep 2003

With respect to the delivery I agree with the FE entirely has it occurred to you that the couriers may have been trying to deliver to the wrong address, as it has happened to me even with the correct address on the delivery note, so contacting the couriers would have seemed to be the logical step.

  byfordr 15:19 13 Sep 2003

I have used Simply on several occasions now. I have always found that they deliver the next day. (With their free website delivery)

I agree that their customer services is very poor. They seem to have plenty of sales staff, but very few in customer services. I found that waits of 20 minutes plus were not unusual, with some of the most irritating music while you wait.

If they could sort out their customer services they would be a very good company to deal with.

  Djohn 15:28 13 Sep 2003

I too understand your frustration, but agree with above. Things can and do go wrong with delivery.

My Son ordered the new Sony T10 phone for next day delivery, it did not arrive and a call to his provider assured us it had gone out and an attempted delivery had been made. He requested another delivery and the same thing happened again, this time though the phone had been signed for!

He was home on leave and the phone had gone to his forces address [Even though delivery address had been confirmed three times] and on the second attempt, the courier had left a sealed box with the Duty Officer.

My son made a 200 mile round trip to pick up the phone, only to return home and open an "Empty" box! On calling his provider to complain in a strong firm, but polite manner, New phone was delivered following day, to correct address.

£100.00 up-grade fee for phone was waived and his account was credited for £40.00 to cover the cost of time and petrol in the futile trip to his base. So yes these things do happen, but with a little tact can usually be put right to your advantage. I'm sorry to hear of your trouble with "Simply" but may be a different approach to solve the problem would have paid off in your interest.

The phone provider by the way is "Vodafone" Regards. j.

  Buachail Mór 16:47 13 Sep 2003

Call this number and speak to Vicky Mohan.

I have found that she is very helpful.

  spuds 16:50 13 Sep 2003

I like others, would have obtained the delivery firms details.It is surprising what a quick telephone call to a delivery firm,can reveal. I recently had a 'delayed' package, and checking with the delivery company, it was revealed that the label had been wrongly addresss [human error].I received my delivery the next day, with appologies.

Waiting nine minutes on a hold, is not pleasant. But certain times of day, will cause added pressure on the call staff.Especially first thing in the morning, when people want answers to possible, previous days problems. I have used many call centre facilities over the years, and things seem to be improving. But I also have had the experiences of being placed on hold for anything between one and forty five minutes. I have also been in the position,of finding the lines closed before closing time. But what would you think, if you phoned, and was connected to an agent or representative, five minutes before closing time, and at the exact closing time the line disconnected, because everyone was going home.

Sorry for sounding very dispondent, but these are the realities of life, which on some occassions we must try and except, even though we do not possibly agree with.

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