Simply and GFx Card

  Dicmay 21:55 10 Jul 2003


Ok, on the 7th June i purchased a Rad 9500Pro from Simply over the web and paid using my Barclaycard.

Nothing happened for a while and I didnt check my Barclaycard statement so I didnt see that they hadnt invoiced me yet. So i was waiting for my gfx card when out of the blue they send me letter titled "Invoice".

This invoice has my order number, lists what I bought and even had a dispatch date on it of the 27th june. Great i thought. I'll get my gfx card any day now, allbeit a bit late. I check my statement and the money has indeed been taken.

So i'm waiting and waiting.....and waiting and what turns up? A "Credit Note" telling me that the money (£133 in total ) has been refunded to my card.

Now, before I ring Simply to complain, can anyone tell me where I stand as to getting the gfx card i ordered?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


  Big Elf 14:09 11 Jul 2003

It's possible that the card became 'out of stock' between you placing the order and them actually going to pick it.

Based on my personal experience you'll be lucky to get a response from them and it may be better to try elsewhere. It took 5 months of phone calls and emails to get my money back on a faulty hard drive.

  Big Elf 14:15 11 Jul 2003

Sorry, finger trouble. It was 3 months not 5.

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