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  proudfoot 12:13 13 May 2012

The above business is one to avoid. My wife tried to buy a camera from them they took the money from her CC account and then sent an email saying that when they unpacked the delivery of the cameras they were damaged and could not supply that model. She emailed them saying they should not have taken the money from her account when the item had not been dispatched. She said she wanted to cancel the order and have the money refunded. they said it will take 4 weeks to get the refund. She submitted a dispute claim for this item on her CC account. After sending numerous emails to the business the money was eventually refunded. Their web page gives the impression they are a UK company with UK phone numbers but we believe they are located in Hong Kong. Our feelings are they are taking the money banking it and gaining interest on it for a few weeks at your expense.

  Forum Editor 19:13 13 May 2012

It's fair to say that this company has been the subject of many complaints in other forums. The complaints I've seen have tended to be along the same lines as yours - severe delays in dealing with problems.

As always, it's a good idea to exercise great caution when buying anything that seems to be advertised at a lower price than that which you see on known suppliers' sites. The old adage 'all that glisters is not gold' applies in this context.

  proudfoot 09:45 14 May 2012

We do take precautions when dealing with unknown businesses and have since become aware of the large number of forum posts going back some weeks. What threw us was, the site showed UK phone numbers. I feel that the CC company have a duty of care to account holders and presumably have had prior knowledge of this company drawing money from accounts and not delivering the goods and send us an email to this effect or at least put a marker on their account. The conversation with the CC company with hind sight appears that they were aware of the situation sending us a complaint form to complete. The money now has been credited to the account.

  octal 07:39 26 May 2012

Thanks for the warning about this, you have done the right thing by checking to see what sort of contacts they have, unfortunately they do indeed have UK style phone numbers, but the trouble is with those 0844 numbers is the base can be anywhere in the world.

Nowadays I will not entertain dealing with any company that do not display a UK postal address that can be checked, or an established overseas company I know, even if they try and claim they are in the UK I will type the post code in to Google to see what other company’s reside at that address and if I'm still not satisfied they don't get my custom.

I know it's a lot of faffing about and it isn't infallible, but it's kept me safe over the years.

  carver 08:01 26 May 2012

octal the problem with this company is that you can get a telephone number for this country 0115 871 4466 , problem is it's just a bungalow in Nottingham, NG4 3N that operates as a local address.

But they do seem to operate on take your money first then hold onto it for as long as possible, and if you Google them you find that this sort of complaint thing has gone on for years.

  spuds 11:50 26 May 2012

Since the increase of internet selling, it is becoming a more common practise to 'drop-ship'. The actual advertising 'retailer' doesn't have or stock any items, but leaves it for someone else to service the order, from which a commission is obtained.

I deal with a number of companies using various names, that are China or Hong Kong based. You soon get use to the return label address's, to realise what is going on!.

  octal 14:13 26 May 2012

Carver Yep, that is the reason why I said type the post code into Google, it's surprising what Google maps revel.

  Woolwell 21:00 27 May 2012

The about page of the website reveals that it is a Hong Kong company and a Google search shows that the domain name is Hong Kong registered.

  Blackhat 19:05 29 May 2012

Having come across this thread I must say that I have never had a single problem with them, reviewing my purchase history over the last 2 years I have spent more that £3500 with them and everything has been spot on. (mostly camera goods).

Following my first few low price purchases I had confidence to spend out on higher value items and have not been let down. Their pricing is often better than elsewhere and service (in my experience) has been better than other internet outlets.

I am in no way associated with the company and am posting this as I feel both sides need to be heard. I will continue to shop with them.

There will always be a few problems with internet shopping regarding any outlet due to the shear volume of sales and the logistics involved but in my opinion Simply Electronics are good to deal with.

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