Simply Computers Poor Service

  brickie5 15:12 06 Jan 2005

Ordered a printer from Simply Computers on 23/12/04. Informed by them order despatched 29/12/04. 03/01/05 contacted Simply to ask where the printer was.Told by customer service should have received it on 30/12/04.They would contact carrier and find out what hold up was,kept on line they came back saying carrier claimed no one at home to receive item,untrue someone at home all the time , and if not, why no notification through letter box.You will receive it to-morrow I'm told.(Just as well I didn't hold my breath.)Phoned again the following day after usual excuses Told it would deffinetly arrive that day.Saga continues for two further days and two further phone calls.Cancelled order and told them to refund payment.Service Atrocious.

  Gongoozler 15:41 06 Jan 2005

Hi brickie5. This is really a ConsumerWatch matter, but I think you'll find that many suppliers' standard of service fell over the Christmas period.

  bfoc 15:43 06 Jan 2005

And as the ones who choose the courier Simply have to accept responsibility - however it would appear that the actual culprits are these couriers.

Unfortunately this can be down to individuals - I have twice had a situation where delivery people hadn't actually brought my item out on the round, presumably because they could then finish sooner! It was only when I managed to speak to a supervisor who checked and discovered the package still at the depot when the system said it was 'out for delivery' that this came to light!

I know it isn't much help to you, and you have every right to be annoyed, but sometimes it only takes one wally to cause systems to fail!

  Gongoozler 15:50 06 Jan 2005

Oops. My mistake. I'd clicked on ConsumerWatch when I'd intended to click on Helproom.

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