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  AndySD 21:29 22 May 2003

A Short Saga (hopefully)

On Monday I was looking to get a laptop for tommorow (Friday) short notice I realise and without buying it from a shop. I tried phoning a few companys and none could deliver in less than 10 days. Anyway in the Simply Advertisment in a magazine...their Travelbook says

"Configured and Delivered in 48 hours".

Just the job thought I.

I phoned and ordered monday afternoon and ordered one after checking and told it would be delivered Wednesday.....

Tuesday AM I gat a call from Simply they have entered the payment details into their system wrongly can I confirm the order. New delivery Thursday.....

At 5pm today (thursday) no delivery I phoned them.... 20 mins on hold and I am cut off..... tried again...15 mins on hold and it rings then silence and cut off....(I am a tad annoyed by now) So I ring the Sales ring and a voice... calmly explain my problem and supply the order number.... the salesman checked the number and said he needed to pass me onto a manager.

The manager was polite and asked if I had been given a delivery date...(yes today) she then explained that delivered meant it would leave their wharehouse after 48 hours. Also that since my order was placed Tuesday afternoon the laptop should leave the warehouse tonight for delivery tommorrow. Well I cant take tommorrow I canceled it. Lets hope they refund my credit card as fast as they debited it.

  davidg_richmond 22:24 22 May 2003

hmmm that's a bit confusing isn't it? 'Delivered in 48 hours' would mean to me that it reaches you within 48 hours. Perhaps they should change their wording to 'configured and sent in 48 hours'. It seems odd too that they did originally say Thursday.

  AndySD 01:09 23 May 2003

That was my thought exactly....

  JoeC 08:50 23 May 2003

typing Simply Computers in the search box ? Depressing reading. : }

  tenplus1 16:14 23 May 2003

I tried to order the new Multi-Format Sony DRU-500asw DVD-Writer from Simply Computers a while ago, and after a painless phonecall ordering the item and giving my card details everything was done... or so I thought...

My unit didnt arrive for 2 weeks and after calling Simply and waiting in the phone queues for 15 minutes I was told that my Sony drive was on back order and wouldnt be arriving for 2 weeks... so I waited...

and waited... and called again (back on the queue) only to be told it would be another 2 weeks... again I waited...

Finally I gave up and called to cancel the order this time for Simply to say they had an alternative NEC drive that does exatly the same as the Sony one (DVD+/-R Writing)... and being told it was £40 cheaper I opted for that one... Excellent I thought...

It arrived the next day, I installed it and it worked perfectly.... I still felt a little unsettled, and with good reason... 3 days later my bill came in and the NEC drive wasnt actually £40 cheaper as stated, as they kinda forgot to tell me about VAT... damn!

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