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  andywolve 11:32 29 Oct 2004

My name is Mrs Carol Dale & I am using my son's account. Over the years, I have used the recommendations in your mag to buy my computer (still in use & 6 years old!)and then the lap top I now use (its a little beauty!!). I have also used through your mag. advertised suppliers called Simply Computers, initially for ink replacements for my cannon printer. On Sept 6th I sent a letter requesting the purchase of a Cannon scanner on page 17 of the Sept. catalogue. I enclosed a cheque for £139 as payment for my scanner while taking advantage of their offer of free postage. The cheque was cashed in Sept, according to my bank statement. Despite various fone calls and letters, I have neither my scanner or my money refunded. I have had no response either by phone or letter. On 25th Oct I sent a special delivery letter to the address in the catalogue and I tracked it. It was delivered. I still have had no response from this company. Can you help? I am sending you a copy of my letter by attachment.

  andywolve 11:33 29 Oct 2004

Dear Simply Computers,

On the 6th September, I wrote to you, requesting the Canoscan 8000F, on page 17 of the September catalogue you sent me. I quoted the ref. no QQ70898 and enclosed a cheque for £139 for the scanner as well as taking advantage of the free postage for that month. Later that same week, I received a ‘phone call from one of your employees, requesting verification of my address, which I supplied.

I have heard nothing from you after that.

On week commencing 4th October, I tried many times to get in touch with you using the number in your catalogue, but was continually put on hold, as my telephone bill can verify.

By now, I am sure you can appreciate, I was beginning to wonder just what was happening, as you had cashed my cheque but I had no scanner and neither was I able to talk to anyone about it, as when I called the number in your catalogue, I was put continually on hold.

Finally, I managed to talk to a young lad about my scanner on the 12th October.

I asked what was happening and where was my scanner? He asked for an order number, which I couldn’t give but repeated all the details I had put in my letter. I was told in no uncertain terms, that without an order number you couldn’t do anything. I was also told that customers who write their order, call you first and get an order number. Why isn’t that information in your catalogue?

I asked the young lad this and was told that you couldn’t put everything in to the catalogue. If you don’t put necessary ordering information in the catalogue, how am I supposed to know what to do?

I also told the lad that, as someone from your company had telephone me during week beginning 6th Sept. to verify my address, why on earth couldn’t that person give me an order no?

The lad confirmed that I was in your computer. Then he told me that you were awaiting new stock of the scanner I had ordered, but he didn’t know when it would arrive. Why couldn’t someone have let me know this? Possibly on a postcard or perhaps in a letter, just to keep me aware of what is happening. You sell all this wonderful technology, but you seem to make very little use of it.

I told him that you had cashed my cheque and so where was my scanner? I was told by the lad that, he didn’t know that you had cashed the cheque and would have to check with the sales dept. Well, as he had just looked at his computer and found my details and order there, surely it would also indicate that you had cashed my cheque?

The lad then said that he would get someone to call me back on the following day, Wednesday 13th October.

Guess what?

No one called me and I still haven’t received my scanner!

OK. Fine. I am sure that you can understand, that by now, my patience is at an end and I am beginning to get rather angry.

I am cancelling my order. I am going elsewhere. I am sure I will be treated a little more respectfully at least and with far more appreciable customer care.

Please cancel my order as of today 26th October 2004 and return my cheque for £139 by return of post. As I have sent this letter by special delivery which guarantees next day delivery, I am aware that I can have my cheque returned to me by Thursday.

I think waiting for 7 weeks for my scanner and without any one of your employees bothering to let me know what is happening with my order is sloppy and inefficient. Your customer care is appalling. If I or my husband treated our clients this way, we wouldn’t last long in business. I have had to press your people for information, which I must say, they were very reluctant to supply.

I repeat, I am cancelling my order for the Canoscan 8000F as of today, Tuesday 26th October 2004 and request that you return my cheque for £139 by Friday 29th October 2004. If I have not received my cheque by midday, I am putting the matter in the hands of my solicitor.

As a matter of complaint, I am also sending a copy of this letter to the BBC programme Watchdog and to the computer magazine where I obtained your details. I feel sure that I am not the only one to be treated so shabbily.

Please remove my name and address from your mailing list as any further catalogues sent me will either be returned to you or posted straight in to the bin,

I look forward to receiving my cheque by Friday.

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