Simply Computers.

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 16:30 09 Mar 2004

As someone who believes in the value of online shopping I am quite happy to use any of the various retailers believing that until something goes wrong I have no reason not to!

Until something goes wrong that is.

Most of hte time online retailers fall down as soon as human intervention is necessary. Be it a return, a fault or whatever a human steps in and bingo - the whole smooth operation falls apart and that is when I mark their card and probably not return.

Imagine my surprise therefore when on the 3rd March I ordered a brand new Sony Centrino Laptop from Simply (£1700) Thinking about the various finance options I decided that at present it would be easier and quicker for me to take advantage of their "Classic Credit" and so into the basket went the laptop with the correct option (finance) selected. I received an email seconds later confirming the order had been received and that I would be contacted in due course for "eligibility".

A week later and nothing so a phone call to Simply and a very pleasant operator tells me that although there is a record of the web order number no details are to hand. I explain that it is a "Credit sale" and that explains it. It has gone off to some distant office and a human.

There endeth the order.

If they cannot pull their fingers out a process (or at least attempt to process) a fairly substantial order then what hope when something goes amiss?

Nope, back to square one and credit card duly charged another option will have to be found.

  961 16:45 09 Mar 2004

I think the whole computer mail order market is so competitive that there is just no money to finance human intervention

I use Dabs a lot. But it is clear that if something goes wrong things do not always go smoothly. I only ever order things which are in stock in dozens, if not hundreds, and on that basis it works. Until an item fails, I suppose

Just recently, I've been using Novatech. They do seem to have some humans around and they do answer their phone. The service is good and so far I have been happy with the prices AND the service

It can't be easy at the moment. If things go wrong you certainly find out if you have selected a price too competitive

  MichelleC 16:56 09 Mar 2004

You've always got the option to write to your cc co explaining you are in 'dispute' with this company over that amount and once that's been done you're covered. It's a good way of educating online company's to get their act together. You'll be reimbursed by the cc co. The 'dispute' will entail more expense for the firm in the long run.

I've used pcnextday before and they did deliver next day.

  shizzy 19:30 09 Mar 2004

We ordered from the above firm on Sunday for the first time, delivered today. Did exactly as the website promised.

  byfordr 20:43 09 Mar 2004

Internet Cameras Direct are a superb company to deal with.

Smiffy99 - I only ever have had one problem with Simply - the first order. The modem/router was not as advertised. A real pain in the arse to get hold of them on the phone, I found email had a quicker response. After that they quickly sorted out the problem. I have used them lots of times since, always with next day delivery. Did your credit card actually get charged? If not call their sales line cancel the order and try again. (or take your business elsewhere)


  John-259217 01:06 10 Mar 2004

Just ordered a laptop hard drive for next day delivery from Simply this afternoon (about 16:00 Tuesday).

Its the first time I`ve used them so my fingers are now firmly crossed :-)

Not in the same financial league as Smiffy99 perhaps, but I`ll post back on this thread anyway and let you know how I get on.


No, my card was not charged but then i asked for a finance agreement instead. My point is that when placing an order the company should be 100% effcient in processing you order. The finance agreement required further procedures to be effective and this is where the sale was lost. If these procedures fall down (as they did) why should i not think that other procedures are not as important to the company as the initial order, such as customer services (see byfordr's response whcih appears to confirm my feelings)?

My order was taken, a response sent by email stating that I would be contacted for more details for the credit agreement but then nothing, not a dickie bird for a week. No contact for a week for a SALE worth (to me at least) a considerable amount of dosh suggests that replies to emails for problems MAY (I am not saying they would) take even longer - a risk I am not prepared to accept- if a company cant be effcient when taking your money what is there to suggest they would be if a situation arose where they had to refund it?

  Simsy 08:15 10 Mar 2004

was also awful... when trying to spend £1000.

It got so bad that the order went elsewhere. Such a shame.



  John-259217 22:57 10 Mar 2004

No drive yet !!!

To be fair it was the first order I have placed with Simply and I did request a different delivery address from the one at which my credit card is billed to.

In view of that I was expecting some form of checking to delay things however I can find no obvious statement on their site explaining this and I have not had any e-mails from them to keep me informed.

A phone call to their customer services produced a call-back within a couple of hours detailing the procedures but as I`d specified a next day delivery I think an e-mail to that effect would have been a good idea.

I`ve left the order running and will await the letter they are sending me so I can ring them and confirm my addresses etc.

I`ll post again and let you know how long it all takes :-}


  Diodorus Siculus 08:11 11 Mar 2004

Last week (Friday 8am) I ordered an Acer centrino laptop from Simply; got an email confirmation that the order had been recieved and would be processed.

By Saturday lunchtime I had no further confirmation of the order so I called them to be informed that the machine was out of stock (there had been 66 on the web site stock counter). OK, I said, I would like to cancel the order. The sales assistant cancelled it, then told me that they were in stock so would reinstate my order.

Called Monday afternoon and was told that the item was due to be dispatched that evening. OK, I said, I will have it Tuesday. Tuesday at 4pm I called to be told that the order was cancelled (no reason known).

Now, this is where I should have known better: I again said that I would like the machine and I was offered free next day delivery, so the order was again processed. Wednesday lunchtime I phoned to see what was happening; the order had been cancelled but no one knows why.

At last I had learned my lesson; I looked at the Noavtech site, got a similar spec (for almost £100 more, mind you) and received confirmation last night that it had been dispatched along with the Amtrack consignment tracking number.

Simply had a good price for a good quality, respected brand machine. But I bleieve that the Novatech customer service that I have received in the past is worth the premium of £100.

I am sure that Simply get it right for the majority of customers, but I don't feel that I can rely on them for any purchases. Customer service such as that I get from Novatech means a lot to me and to many others, I am sure.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:44 11 Mar 2004

Ordered yesterday from Novatech at 4pm;

delivered 11/03/04 13:36

according to the Amtrack consignment tracker.

Well done Novatech.

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