signing up with talktalk

  sunnystaines 16:43 21 Aug 2009

getting conflicting info from them,the web offered reduced fees for first 3 months the store said it was now 6 months and confirmed it with a poster, customers services did not know [surprised] and said it will be in the letter. also told there was a charge of £29 as pipex/tiscali own the line.

well the letter came today the charge of £29 now shows £59.99 no mention of discounts for starting.
rang customer services who confirmed £29 charge but was not aware of what is happening despite being past from them to new customers pending and sales.
does everyone one get this run around on starting or is it just me having a bad saga they said they will sort it out in 48 hours.

  Listen/listen 11:48 22 Aug 2009

Talktalk are not very organised at the moment.I suggest you have a look some of the problems on Talktalk Members Forums

  ened 16:04 22 Aug 2009

"a charge of £29 as pipex/tiscali own the line"

Can you explain that?

  sunnystaines 17:00 22 Aug 2009

no I can't years ago was a bt line then changed to bulldog ISP which was bought out by pipex/ticali they say they own the line and talktalk seem to accept it too.

i think they just sub let it of BT, moving to talktalk as they got good reports from readers and do the best price on the package that i had with bulldog that tiscali scrapped for bulldog customers.

  ened 17:18 22 Aug 2009

It doesn't seem right to me somehow.

Why should you have to pay for that?

Somebody might be able to explain it but I would be pretty cheesed off if I was asked to pay for it - unless there has been something in the contract making you liable.

  sunnystaines 17:22 22 Aug 2009

i have asked this to
new customer line
customer support

all say private lines and cable have to pay this charge, yet the phone line goes straight out the house to the bt telegraph pole outside, cannot get a decent answer out of any of them and they sound like a english call centre too so cannot blame 3rd world switchboards.

  spuds 19:26 22 Aug 2009

I thought that I mentioned this in a previous post, regarding extra charge that Tiscali tried to apply to me, when I changed a package deal, even though I was already connected to Tiscali.

Eventually I got the 'connection' charge cancelled, 'before' I went ahead with the new arrangement and contract.

Don't know if it still applies since Talk Talk took over, but you could try the office of mary.turner for an appropriate response (if she is still the MD of Tiscali UK).

  sunnystaines 19:45 22 Aug 2009

thanks, i have used your email to mary turner before always results in phone call from senior management [not her] and fast action taken.

talk talk say tiscali/pipex is being run as a seperate company at the moment, a contact of senior talktalk management would be handy as their staff on the phones are not too good.

hopfully once connected i will not need to phone them again.

  Stuartli 20:42 22 Aug 2009

TalkTalk, Pipex and Tiscali's phone and broadband services all require that you have a BT line - the ISPs install their LLU equipment in BT's exchanges.

BT owns and maintains the line from the exchange to your property and the line rental is eventually paid by TT, Pipex or Tiscali to BT.

The point about e-mailing Mary Turner, Charles Dunstone or whoever is merely a means of hopefully speeding up any action - no CEO will look into the matter personally...:-)

  sunnystaines 16:37 25 Aug 2009

talktalk have confirmed no 6 month or 3 month discounts available to bulldog customers.

never got a return call several calls made were transferred to wrong extensions or cut off.

just hope their ISP service is better than their phone service.

  Stuartli 18:49 25 Aug 2009

My TalkTalk broadband and AnyTime phone service is first class and has been for three-and-a-half years.

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