To Sign or Not to Sign

  sharpe 23:53 05 Jun 2003

I've just ordered and received an Actiontec Wireless Router kit from Dabs. I have just got a new Evesham Computer (about 3 months ago) which I am more than happy with. We have broadband and so I thought I would link the two so that we could share the one connection.

No problems with Dabs, (except when I ordered on the internet it showed stock of 200 when in reallity they were out of stock) still not a problem, I waited a week or so and received my Actiontec Kit. The day before I received an email telling me it would arive, (very efficient) however, and heres the point !! At the bottom of the order confirmation it states,

"All deliveries will be considered as received in good condition unless you specifically sign as 'damaged' or 'opened' etc. 'Unchecked will not be accepted as a valid status.

The Parcelforce driver informed me that it was Parcelforce policy that they should not hand over the parcel UNTIL YOU HAVE SIGNED FOR IT.

Dabs is that not a contradiction in terms?

Ps my Router is up and running, my wife has claimed the new computer and I am relegated to a back room to use the old one!!! Life just ain't fair.


  Tim1964 00:07 06 Jun 2003

Oooh ! that's dodgy.

There are some legal whizzes on the forum, I would like to know what they think.

  Forum Editor 00:16 06 Jun 2003

unless I signed for it I would refuse to take it.

In any event, the Dabs statement is meaningless - if the goods are faulty when you open the parcel Dabs are liable, whatever they might infer to the contrary.

  sharpe 00:29 06 Jun 2003

Technically I can understand why the driver would refuse to give the parcel without a signature,
Forum Editor

We are not all as forceful or consumer aware as you and of course Dabs could be seen as misleading the public.

there are some awkward people about but the point is why do a big reputable firm like Dabs put something meaningless on their order confirmation that is meant to mislead you into doubting what your consumer rights are. I am sure the driver isn't going to hang round while you check everything. If someone at Dabs has had a bad day and doesn't take the care to pack the item carefully then of course Dabs are responsible and should be expected to replace any damaged goods whether you sign "Unchecked" or not.

Again!!! I state the obvious, why do Dabs put something misleading on their order confirmation? Come on, someone from Dabs explain.

  sharpe 00:31 06 Jun 2003

Why do people with computers keep such late hours!! It was after 2am yesterday when I got off this infernal machine!!

  davidg_richmond 00:42 06 Jun 2003

In my opinion Dabs should not be stating this while Parcelforce states the opposite. External delivery firms, unless their contract is amended for a company, just deliver. Is it their responsibility whether a product is faulty or not?

  davidg_richmond 00:44 06 Jun 2003

Ah just re-read and realised it was mainly concerning items damaged in transit. Still, the same goes - they should use a firm that agrees with their policy on signatures.

  sharpe 12:47 06 Jun 2003


  spuds 20:46 06 Jun 2003

I have a number of goods delivered weekly by various courier companies.If we are not on the premises the drivers have always gone next door, obtained a signature and left the goods.We have a note on the door requesting this action. Last week we arrived at our premises and found a card which stated that "Our driver was unable to leave your consignment, please contact xxx to arrange a delivery". Checking with the people in the next property, they informed me that the driver would not leave the goods with them. I then contacted the courier firm. It would now appear as though there as been a large increase on insurance claims for damaged or lost/stolen goods,that this particular courier firm will only leave goods with the actual consignees now.Plus all goods must be 'correctly' signed for.

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