Sick to Death of

  gardener 00:05 17 Oct 2003

I've been a subscriber to Virgin net for about 5 years now and up till now I have never had a problem with them.But two weeks ago I suddenly found myself unable to connect using my dial-up number.

I spent 45 minutes on their 50p/minute'helpline'without even getting through to them so that angered me greatly.Since then I have received two auto-generated emails and one 'real' email,the latter being of no use at all as the information I received about a new dial-up number was given to me by them about a month ago and I cannot get on the net via this number,as I have told them.Nor can I access the net using my old number.
I use their 24/7 service,paying by direct debit so I have so far this month given them about 7 quid for nothing excluding the extortionate helpline rate.I am using Tiscali's free one month trial at the moment so at least I can get on the net to moan.

If I don't get any response from Virgin soon I will need another ISP,can anyone suggest one please?

  waynerussell 00:33 17 Oct 2003

Try Free-online at click here. I have used them to host my web page and for dial up access since god was a boy and have never had a problem. I use the pay as you go service but they offer some great deals on broadband and fixed cost. (I have a broadband connection through my cable supplier) Whenever I need access to the net away from home this is my connection of choice.

  Patr100 00:48 17 Oct 2003

I had to find a new one this week as Sniffout's unmetered went kaput. I am now with Onetel - £13.99 24/7 - Started today - So far good.

  ardvarc 07:11 17 Oct 2003

Virgin's new 24/7 dialup number has changed to 08089933070. If you want to talk to them by phone I suggest calling 0845 6501000 and they will talk you through your new dialup number and account settings if needed. I changed my number and email address and they forgot to activate the mail server and above number saved a lot of aggro at lo-call, not 50p a minute..

  gardener 09:38 17 Oct 2003

Thanks for the replies,I shall act immediately.

  osben 10:06 17 Oct 2003


I to am changing my ISP (aol) and I looked at FreeOnline as [waynerussell] suggested. It looks good but I want to clarify one or two point with them before I commit myself.

I cant seem to find an email address to contact them with.

They don't seem to provide it uless you are already a member.

Can anyone tell me.


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