Shuttle XPC Configuration help

  Widdle 19:15 23 Nov 2003

I want to buy a high spec Shuttle XPC type system for gaming etc.

200 GB hard drive, 1 Gb memory, Radeon 9800, fast processor, XP Pro etc.

Any tips on what should be in this system (and also what shouldnt)and also where to get it from?

Thanks in advance for any advice

  bremner 19:51 23 Nov 2003

click here seems a good place to start

  CodeMeister 20:14 23 Nov 2003

Have a look at Evesham's website (click here) as they sell ( or used to) these machines.

  Widdle 20:20 23 Nov 2003

Thanks Bremner, I had taken a look there. Unfortunately the Gemma UK site (one of their suppliers) is so confusing I don't know what to order!

I'd like a one stop shop such as Overclockers/Tekheads but one where I am able to specify each component.

Any ideas gratefully received

  chrishillcoat 18:03 24 Nov 2003

Creative sell a mocked-up version called the Slix, available from Scan (click here), otherwise go to MicroDirect (click here) to buy parts much cheaper :)


  Widdle 19:27 24 Nov 2003

Thanks Chris, the easiest thing to do would be for me to buy all the bits I want and then assemble - however thats when it would go pearshaped!

I might just ring Overclockers and get them to price my shopping list. Are they the best to try or is there someone else that people could recommend?

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