should I upgrade from win98 to winME

  jarani 21:59 10 Dec 2003

I run a DAN 1996 computer in perfect order upgraded to Win98 from 95, FAT32 from 16, 4Gb HD from 1Gb, 48RAM from 16, CPU Pentium at 166Mhz from 100 and Pace56. Will I now benefit from upgrading to WinME please or should I stick with Win98 ? What would be the benefits ? I also propose to move from 14" CRT to 17" TFT screen ? any comments ?

  Jester2K II 22:07 10 Dec 2003

Personally i would stick with 98. (You are running 98SE and not just 98 are you)

I deal with a lot of Me PCs and they seem to be a lot worse than 98 to deal with...

  plsndrs3 22:13 10 Dec 2003

Hi jarani,

I had all the OS's you mention at one time or another and, personally, would recommend sticking with 98. It is a smoother [faster?] OS than ME and is less bulky. I also believe that, excluding NT & XP, 98 was one of the best of the OS that are still around. That is why many people have choosen not to upgrade in fact. There just isn't enough difference between the two.

If you must upgrade - and if your PC can handle it - I would opt to go for the leap to XP. I must admit, when I first road-tested it I thought it was a child like version. I guess I still feel that way, but now have the view that it is almost child proof and the 'extras' included [individual log on accounts, administration rights, the burner & the stability of the platform] are all pluses.

Just my opinion, like I said.



  plsndrs3 22:18 10 Dec 2003

I doubt your PC can stretch to XP with the hardwarde advised. Indded, a 166 must be close to getting to retirement age by now [lol] It might be more worthwhile to 'upgrade' to a low-end PC which will be far superior rather than fork out slightly less money on a TFT that is only running on such a basic set up....

  Patr100 00:42 11 Dec 2003

Don't upgrade to XP with that PC. Your specs aren't up to it. There's no need to go to Me from 98 if it is running fine. ME is basically 98se with system restore. It would be a waste of time and money in my opiniom. There;s no virtue in upgrading and it would most likely make things slower not better.Spend the money on a decent TFT screen which you can also use if you ever buy a new PC in the future.

  canard 14:49 11 Dec 2003

ME is reputed to be the most unstable of all windows OS.

  tomleady 15:07 11 Dec 2003

you must! (if your pc can handle it!)

and then go to XP!

in fact, just go to XP now.

ME is rubbish. in fact, they all are when you use XP. the file handling is so easy. everything is so easy to do using XP.

do it.

  Big Elf 15:11 11 Dec 2003

When I installed ME I had to reformat every couple of months. It was the only way to stop it running like treacle. It was also very, very unstable.

  MidgetMan 16:06 11 Dec 2003

Why does everyone run ME down?, I have it on both machines at home and 5 machines at work. It works perfectly well and if it all goes wonky then restore is a blessing. We also have a couple of machines at work still running 98 and in my opinion the running is neither faster or slower than ME. All I can say to Big Elf is, if you had to re-format every couple of months it was proparly down to user failure rather than system failure :>) like all operating systems it can only take a certain amount of abuse before it falls over so really it is down to common sense and a refianment from tinkering to much

  Big Elf 17:28 11 Dec 2003

No, every couple of months and without me adding new software the installation used to start running extremely slowly. In the end I went back to 98.

The regular crashes were an added bonus :0)

  bremner 17:39 11 Dec 2003

and tomleady

As stated above you can not run XP on your machine the specs is no where near enough.

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