Should i upgrade speakers?

  texasdave 12:58 29 May 2003

Hey all,
I have recently been thinking if i should upgrade from a 2.1 Yamaha speaker system to a 5.1 speaker system, such as Creative 5.1 5300. I have a 5.1 Live! soundcard.

I was just wondering if you could really tell a difference between 2.1 and 5.1 sound for games, music, and DVD's. The 2.1 system i have isnt too bad, a very nice subwoofer. I am just thinking that with a 5.1 system, i could take advantage of the soundcard.

If so, i have been looking at and Is Dabs reliable? Tekheads is very nice, but you have to choose 1 day delivery, which you pay quite a bit for :(
Thank you !

  Aspman 13:03 29 May 2003

Dabs are reliable BUT!!!! Only order if the item is in stock and there are plently left. Its its out of stock the Dabs lead times are optimistic to say the least.

I've only experience 5.1 systems on home cinemas not on a pc and if you are a fan of movies its well worth it.

  texasdave 13:07 29 May 2003

I mostly listen to music and play games such as MOHAA, Counter-strike, Unreal Tournament.......

  vaughan007 08:48 30 May 2003

For online games get the best speaker system you can. Makes the game a bit more fun. Alternatively, just buy the most expensive, high quality set of headphones you can find. There are some headphones out there that are so good you will never want to use your speakers ever again.

  texasdave 09:00 30 May 2003

Thanks for the info :)

  wee eddie 18:39 30 May 2003

£20 will get you a set of cans which will give you a totally immersive experience. Spend no more and you can create a sound that can be as loud as you wish.

All this time. No one will knock on your door and ask you to turn it down.

  texasdave 18:45 30 May 2003

Can you suggest anywhere to buy these headphones? I havent really found any. And also maybe some good models? Sony? I am not sure what to look for. Thank you.

  wee eddie 20:56 30 May 2003

even Dixon's

I use a pair of JVC Digital ones but you can spend several hundred pounds for powered ones but their response is way beyond ones ears to really appreciate.

Try to borrow a pair from a HI-Fi buff to see what you think. Some people do not like the immediacy of the experience. Being scalped by a stray bullet ain't necessarily fun.

  vaughan007 13:37 01 Jun 2003

I bought my JVC headphones from dixons for £20. They are superb and supply excellent sound quality.

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