Should I go from Virgin to Sky broadband?

  [DELETED] 21:41 22 Sep 2008

Hi all, I am looking to change my TV, phone and Broadband package. I currently have Virgin 2MB broadband, free evening and weekend calls and the XL TV package. I am looking to change to Sky which offer the same phone line deal, the Mix and Kids TV channels and 8mb broadband.

I am happy with the broadband from Virgin but a little bored with the TV, and miss Sky 1 etc. I am concerned that I will lose broadband performance when I change, and wondered if anyone had any thoughts?

  [DELETED] 21:49 22 Sep 2008

Performance will depend on the BT line mostly (location etc), after that it is contention, followed by general faults on the part of Sky.

Unless you can get a local who's with Sky you won't get valid picture about how your service will be.

If you are concerned you can get Sky TV for £16 per month and move the Virgin TV box to a bedroom.

  [DELETED] 16:26 23 Sep 2008

Find out the Distance from your Exchange. I am 5.9 Miles from mine and get 5.5MB from my sky 8MB connection.
Never had any problems with Sky in over 5 years.

  [DELETED] 16:31 23 Sep 2008

Well if you upgrade to the 4mb with Virgin you now get upgraded free to the 10 Mb.Why don't you phone them tell them you are thinking of moving to Sky and maybe they will give you a free upgrade.You have nothing to loose.

  [DELETED] 19:53 23 Sep 2008

Cheers for the response, I live about 3 miles from the exchange, not a massive distance...

my main concern were:

1) Poor internet connection
Someone at my work has 8MB B/B capped at 40GB, and never reaches 40GB use yet gets high download speeds (700kb/s)....

2) Costs involved for new line etc
Transpires that Sky will reimburse any costs that are incurred, when changing provider

Really like the idea of a free Sky+ box, and getting some channels back (Sky1, lost...BSG...Simpsons...24!).

I plan to phone Virgin tonight to ask what is involved in cancelling my TV, internet and phone package, will see if this prompts them to offer a better deal or whether they will just advise me as required!

  Taff™ 07:03 24 Sep 2008

Virgin will certainly match any Sky offer but you seem to have several other reasons to want Sky. You almost certainly won`t lose Broadband Speed which you say is currently 2 Mbps but unlike Virgin I think Sky caps the monthly download limit as you say.

A word of warning - I know someone who made the move from Virgin to Sky. She was told that she would have to pay for the following month which is the notice period. Fair enough. Then they cancelled her e-mail account immediately! She didn`t have time to notify all her contacts of the switch and her new e-mail address and the Sky installation took 10 days to materialise on her BT line.

  [DELETED] 08:09 24 Sep 2008

Well, what did Virgin offer?

Have you ever been a customer of Sky before? If you have then the generousity they afford to new customers will be withdrawn.

  [DELETED] 09:08 24 Sep 2008

Better the devil you know.Virgins service has improved 100% in the last year or so.I would imagine that Virgin would offer you a better deal if you tell them that you are not happy with the price that you are paying for the package that you have.They do not like loosing customers especially to Sky.I think you have to give them a months notice that you are leaving.So expect a few phone calls from them trying to get you to stay.But I think you have already made your mind up to go.I hope things work out Ok for you and you do not regret the move. best of luck.let us know if Virgin gives you a better deal or not.

  [DELETED] 13:21 24 Sep 2008

Virgin are offering:
£35 -
10MB B/band
Free evening an weekend calls
£30 V+ box
This is an increase from 2mb to 10mb B/B, a cheaper V+ box and £1 less a month than current payments.

Sky are offering:
£29 -
Entertainment and Kids TV
8MB b/band
Free evening an weekend calls
Free Sky+ box
£72 a year cheaper, but falls short in other areas...

I was a Sky customer but a long time ago, at my parents house which myself and my parents have left now. Sorely tempted with Sky still, although I know there will be teething problems etc. but tempted to take Virgins offer for a year, and if still curious on Sky in a year will look again....I am sure that they will still be offering incentives at that point....

  Terry Brown 21:15 24 Sep 2008

Does the price from Sky also include the BT line rental you have to pay? , I don't think it does.

Also you will gain a sky box, but you will lose a lot of conent on the Tv choices, for when you have missed a program.

Virgin have made some great improvments since taking over from Blueyonder, and I am well satisfied with the service.

However if you have made up your mind to move, then good luck

  [DELETED] 22:10 24 Sep 2008

The Sky charge includes the phone line, but I plan to stick with Virgin for another year as they really have improved their Service, and there is talk of more channels coming to Virgin in the near future.

10mb broadband is going to be nice too!

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