Should I get a new laptop or invest in the 'old' HP pavilion dv6?

  ferncs 18:56 12 Dec 2013

Hi there, Basically I have a 2 1/2 year old HP pavilion DV6 laptop. The fan broke on it recently so I replaced it for £65 and after that it was being slower than usual i.e. taking a long time to turn on and 'get going'. I phoned my tech guy and said could there be any problems cause by the overheating and he said no. Now the thing takes over 10 minutes to turn on and freezes/crashes. Cue me going over the WHOLE laptop, I checked RAM, Viruses, Malware, Defrags everything! No problems. I even tried to reinstall windows which meant I had no drivers and because of having no other internet access I then paid my tech guy another £40 to get it all up to scratch again. I made it clear I didn't want to pay another £60 so as he charges by the hour I don't think he had a really good look to see what was wrong with it. He said it was 'just getting old'

Basically I have just come into a bit of money and I want to know whether it is worth paying a DIFFERENT tech guy to see what is wrong with the thing and fix it or whether I should get a new one. I read something about HP Pavilion DV6 chipsets breaking if they become overheated? What kind of price range would this be in to fix? I would quite like to buy a gaming laptop but it feels like a waste of money if my current laptop isn't TOO broken and handles what I need it to do ok.

Also if anyone could recommend a good laptop for gaming e.g. elder scrolls online for around £800 I would appreciate it.

  finerty 10:26 14 Dec 2013

have you tried ccleaner from file hippo dot com. Run that 1st and c if it improves

  spuds 11:46 14 Dec 2013

You say that you have already tried various checks, and your findings were "No Problems", yet there appears to be problems. So it would all depend on what diagnostic programmes that you are using?.

I find that some of the local computer repairer's, usually charging £60.00 per hour, have a simple remedy for solving the problem you have, and that usually leads to a simple procedure of a re-format, losing everything previously on the computer. Nothing like sticking a disk in a computer, and letting the disk and the computer do most of the work for £60.00 per hour.

If you have finances available, then I would suggest that you look for a new modern specification replacement, and keep the one you have now for a spare. At least with the new replacement, you should get a bit of 'peace of mind', with at least a guarantee!.

  rdave13 15:37 14 Dec 2013

HP allows you to create 'return to factory' reset discs so I assume you didn't burn these discs as you say you tried to 'reinstall windows' but didn't have any drivers. Hopefully you've backed up all of your documents, music, photos etc else where. With a bit of luck the hidden recovery partition on the drive is still intact so you could try tapping F11 on bootup to get to the Recovery manager and follow the prompts to restore to 'factory settings'. You will lose all your info doing this as it's a means of starting again. This restore type will have all the drivers needed and you can get rid of the usual bumff that comes along by using programs and features to uninstall. So don't click on any 'trial' programs icons on the desktop. If nothing happens when you tap F11 on boot up (try a couple of times) then you've removed the recovery partition and the option is not available.

  spuds 09:11 15 Dec 2013

Just been looking at the Argos 1 week only special offers, that's due to finish on the 24th December 2013.

Price range for laptops on special offer are from £269.99 (Asus X551CA 4GB 500GB) (cat ref 122/4249) to the HP Pavillion 8GB 1TB at £399.00 (cat ref 141/6222 Black or 145/0336 Black and Silver). Plus others with in between prices including Touchscreen, all with a 6 month interest free payment plan.

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