Should I buy a two year old scanner?

  TheNewbie999 13:50 05 May 2013


Im interested in Canon Imageformula p-215, but I saw it is made in 2011. They will probably release a new version soon(?)

Should I really buy a 2 year old scanner?


  Nontek 14:30 05 May 2013

As long as you can be sure it is fully working, yes! I have mostly new or nearly new kit these days, but have used kit from new to over eight to ten years old, before thinking of upgrading.

  wee eddie 15:14 05 May 2013

You have not really said whether it is New or Second-hand. However, I will assume that it is New and potentially, on Special Offer.

Look at your PC's Operating System - Will it work with it - Are you likely to be upgrading the OS/PC soon - Will it work with your new OS.

Older Kit Items drop in price as new Models start to come onto the market, but this does not make them any less good than they were when the Product launched

  TheNewbie999 15:52 05 May 2013


And thanks. Yes, I have found a special offer. My only concern is that 2 years has passed, which probably means better hardware on next version. Maybe this year, who knows..... And then as you say, the price will drop, and I have a two year old scanner.


  mole1944 05:46 06 May 2013

i use an Epson perfection 1670 I bought in 2004, i'm now running win 7 64bit,easy to just upgrade the drivers from Epson for my operating system. It not only scans very well but scans both slides and roll film as well.

  wee eddie 13:01 06 May 2013

Newbie: The chances are that you will be using your Scanner for the next 10 years. I wouldn't worry too much about the age of it's design.

I recently had to buy a new scanner as my old one an Agfa Snapscan SCSI (pronounced 'skussie') had become unusable. It worked perfectly but required a SCSI Card to be installed on the PC that operated it and they, more or less, gave up making them around "Windows '98 SE".

I had kept my old Aptiva in the loft, for god knows how long, just to run the Scanner on the few times I needed it. The Aptiva had eventually died of senile dementia and was not economic to repair.

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