Should I buy? Time XP2600+ Model S3418

  Sweet Parmania 22:35 12 Aug 2003

Apologies if this post is in the wrong place, it is my first.

See click here

I am very interested in getting a decent new computer, but looking to spend only about £700 (the price of this machine) although I am considering getting a better graphics card for it AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE to run some fairly power hungry games such as FPS's.

My worries are the customer service/warranty (and yes I have read Jomi's escapade though I know the ropes somewhat when it comes to things like this), component quality esp. the unnamed graphics card and unspecified RAM speed.

Does anyone recommend any other retailers with similar prices (inc. VAT) for something like: AMD 2600+, decent 512 DDR RAM, monitor, USB, space for E/net LAN card and AGP graphics, 40+ Gb HDD etc.? I am not concerned with a printer, scanner or camera.

Finally do any gamers out there have problems with win XP compatibility for some older titles? e.g. Total Annihilation, as I heard it sometimes isn't brilliant for older programs.

  Djohn 22:55 12 Aug 2003

Looks good to me, and Time do have a rep. on this forum. There is no reason to expect trouble with a Time PC than with any other company.

Unless you really need the extras that come with the PC, it may be better to spend your money on the Basics, then buy Printer/Camera of your choice at a later date.

Evesham, Mesh, are just two of several that you could look at and compare specs./prices before you make your decision. Click on the "Blue" link at the top of this page, "Reviews" and have a read of PCA's test on various PC's. Regards. j.

  rev.bem 23:13 12 Aug 2003

Bear in mind the actual cost of this machine when you add delivery and a one year collect and return warranty including Times reload disc is actually £847.99.

Most other manufacturers will include either a system recovery or windows disc and up to 3 years on site warranty with there machine and it will probably cost very little more than the PC you are looking at.

For example have a look at the Carrera Octan 2500pro

click here

£861.00 inc delivery,3years on site warranty and system recovery disc.

As Djohn says there are many more manufacturers out there as reputable as time and i'm sure other forum members will be only to happy to point you in there direction.

  trinity 23:36 12 Aug 2003

These are recommended by a friend as being very reasonable to deal with and customer service etc as good. The price is more reasonable and I like the way you have a better idea of exactly what you are getting in your pc. click here

  Sweet Parmania 19:10 13 Aug 2003

I am so far most impressed by the Carrera that rev.bem mentioned as they seem to show very good customisability at reasonable prices.

Can anyone testify that they are worth the money?

Just that last little bit I'm interested in now - is XP any good for games, bearing in mind I want to run the last few years top strategy and FPS's.

  marcos003 19:33 13 Aug 2003

I bought a Time S 3809 in april this year and I'm very happy with it. It struck me as amazing value (1024mb RAM, 160GB fast hard disc, XP2600+, Panasonic DVD writer, separate DVD reader, G Force FX5200, 5.1 sound) all for £799 inc VAT. Unfortunately with Time I have a bit of a struggle to pin down specific "model" numbers for say the modem or sound card but having said that I really can't fault it so far. Even the delivery (a notorious bug-bear with time, apparantly) was onlt a week over the 10days claimed...and living in Ireland I guess that's annoying but sort of to be expected. Bung on a Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 93sb for £200 and you have a pretty capable system for under a grand. Personally I rate that.

  marcos003 19:36 13 Aug 2003

Opps; should have said my one complaint re my Time S3809....the Samsung cordless's rubbish. It clogs up and stops working & is a total pain...get a quality optical one & enjoy.

  crocodile36 19:36 13 Aug 2003

Any manufacturer will supply the odd duff machine and it may just be yours. Go for the maker who provides a good service. I have had machines from Mesh and Evesham. Of these, I prefer Evesham but other people's experience may be different.

Time have a lousy reputation for service, not just int these columns but in the national press.

  spuds 19:51 13 Aug 2003

As with all things. Advertisements can be very impressive, and you have done right by coming to this forum for further advice, before you spend spend spend.Be a little cautious as to hidden extras, as these can soon mount up and make a vast difference to your bargain buy. These extras could include Operating disks,warranties and delivery charges. In the case of Time machines, you pay the same for delivery to your home, or collection from the store of your choice.

Checking the actual machine specification seem fine, but don't forget, Time in their next advert may offer a better machine for the same price. Shop around, that's my suggestion.

  fitfella29 21:04 13 Aug 2003

time machines are so ugly.

  marcos003 13:43 14 Aug 2003

Fitfella 29
Be honest, aren't they all? (stop quibbling the answer is an emphatic YES!)

Even the so-called "styled" models are hardly "show" objects, if you ask me.

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