Should I buy this?

  Dan the Confused 03:51 01 Aug 2004

I want to buy a new comp and my friend suggested this one, but I dunno if its any good for playing games.

click here

  Falkyrn 11:39 01 Aug 2004

It should be OK if all you want to do is a little light office work word processing etc but for a real gaming experience what you really need is available from click here

  smokingbeagle 12:42 01 Aug 2004

This one seems better. Depends on what you want to do.
click here

  Mister Splendid©® 15:10 01 Aug 2004

I understand Kray make some rather quick machines.

  TopBloke37 19:23 01 Aug 2004


  bremner 20:00 01 Aug 2004

........but it's only 500Mhz CPU's.

Absolutely no good for Death Ray Nuke Kill 'Em 16, the latest FPS game which needs at least a P4 10Ghz

  powerless 20:04 01 Aug 2004

500Mhz CPU's

  Mister Splendid©® 21:18 01 Aug 2004

Kray's machines are a little more compact. You could put one a single room!

  bremner 22:07 01 Aug 2004

Yeah thats my point only 5120! Not nearly enough for Death Ray Nuke Kill 'Em 16

  [email protected] 23:54 01 Aug 2004

My watch has more computing power!

Ive use an "earth simulator" PC as a back up machine to my Atari ST (with external floppy) - if anyone knows where I can get a suitable desk to pop it on I would be grateful!

Thanks again to e-buyer for the deal they did me on a job lot of 5,120 heatsinks and fans :-)

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