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  Beas-Knees 21:18 02 Apr 2004

Just before christmas i ordered a Digibox from and like most of my internet purchases arranged for it to be delivered to my work address (an LGV Driver Training School)as there is never anyone in at home to receive parcels during the day.

I was amazed yesterday to receive a letter from the TV licensing Authorities stating that they had been informed by that i had purchased TV receiving equipment but they had no record of me having a TV licence for that address, surely Amazon should be informing TV licensing with the address that they hold with your account and credit card details and not the delivery address, I now have the hassle of having to write telling them why i do not hold a licence for that address and a threat of a visit to check that the information i tell them is correct.

  ayrmail 21:30 02 Apr 2004

The retailer has to fill in a form and pass it on to the TVLA and should ask you where the equipment it to be used, you do not need to answer but(they still need to fill in a form regardless) if you are buying over the internet then more than likely the will supply any address's you provide.

  arricarry 22:15 02 Apr 2004

Just ignore them, if they want to sit outside your driver training school with their detector van, let em. Its just terror tactics by those morons in Bristol, they terrorise all the University students in the same way,try to make them buy a TV licence each if they share a flat. If they sacked them all the licence fee could be slashed.

  arricarry 22:21 02 Apr 2004

you do not need a licence to own a TV, only to switch it on. Presumably the TV has now been removed to your licensed? address so what can they do.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:28 02 Apr 2004

Write to them and tell them where it is now.

I once bought a tv card for a pc for friend and had to fill in a form; a while later got a letter saying that I had no TV licence but had bought a TV- I wrott back and said that I had no TV and the card was for a friend.

Never heard any more about it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:56 02 Apr 2004

Just to correct arricarry.....the Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1949, states that you need a licence for any equipment capable of receiving television signals. This means in effect that you don't have to be actually watching television to require a licence; the mere fact that you have a piece of equipment (ie, a tv set) in your home that can, if switched on, receive television signals means that you need a licence.


  Forum Editor 23:02 02 Apr 2004

"you do not need a licence to own a TV"

Whoever told you that load of rubbish?

If you have TV receiving equipment of any type you need a licence - whether or not you turn it on.

Students who share flats or houses only need one licence, provided the sharing is done under the terms of a single tenaancy agreement. If each student has a separate agreement for his/her room then each student needs a licence. Students who live in Halls, and have TVs in their rooms need separate licences. No 'morons in Bristol' terrorise anyone, and I fail to see why students should think they're in some way 'special' and should be able to avoid paying for something that the rest of us have to cough up for.

As far as your situation goes Beas-Knees, the reatiler will provide the TV licencing authority with the address to which the equipment was delivered, because it's reasonable to assume that it would be used at that address.

  spuds 23:11 02 Apr 2004

Just drop the licensing authority a short reply, explaining the true situation, do not ignore them.

Amazon did the correct thing [in law]by informing the licensing authority. They would have given the delivery address, as they would have assumed this is where the product was being used.They would not have had any interest if this address or any other address had a license.

  Stuartli 08:48 03 Apr 2004

.."If they sacked them all the licence fee could be slashed."

That's absolutely bizarre economics logic and complete nonsense.

  Sir Radfordin 09:46 03 Apr 2004

I've a friend (no really I do!) who wanted to only watch DVDs on a TV so he rang up licence people and told them this. They told him that was fine, he doesn't need a licence they will mark his address as not licenced and may at some point check it.

Given the cost of running most govt. departments I wouldn't be surprised if the licence fee could be significantly reduced if they didn't employ so many people ;)

  arricarry 12:10 03 Apr 2004

Well hush my mouth

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