Shop purchase or online purchase.

  kad292 16:38 29 Apr 2015

Looking to supplement my HP 2540p with another or ,if possible an 8440w with e-sata a bonus or maybe a Dell, so i have found a few retailers selling refurbished or used items.This is an older business laptop which i like immensely.

I have found some at Morgan Computers so asking for posters advice,any one had dealings with this company,used to operate a shop in central London but closed years ago.

Would you purchase online or prefer a shop purchase.?

Would you purchase used or refurbished laptops.?

Present used one i have had about 3 years ,no major issues hardware side but reckon getting old due to continuous daily use.

As regards a new computer i am waiting until they are sold with W10 installed,do not like 8,or a w7 with future upgrade,or maybe go desktop.

  kad292 20:02 29 Apr 2015


Love W7,by far the best they have produced,do not like look or feel of 8 so skip it till 10 comes see how it works.

  robin_x 20:30 29 Apr 2015

Have you looked here?

Not sure what HDD you want, but if a refurber sticks a smaller size in, most laptops are easy enough to clone and put in a larger one yourself, if that works out cheaper. Or you could put an SSD in.

How to videos on youtube.

Just make a note that it will set you back a bit more if you don't have any spare drives.

Also check whether Office is Open Office or MS Office.

  wee eddie 23:12 29 Apr 2015

Morgan have a long and solid reputation. But the possibility of problems exist everywhere

Just remember, a number of 2nd market Companies sell without an OS, so you will need to factor that in.

  kad292 15:05 30 Apr 2015

robin_x ....always been wary of e-bay but good selection available.Thinking of swapping an SSD in my present one and installing fresh new W7 Pro i have ,issue with these is the 1.8 inch drive,can get SSD in that size though.

wee eddie OS preferred really,have a new W7 Pro, not used, available. Depending on the model i have a new 2.5" drive available.

May consider saving money by upgrading this one and spending new on a configured one at PC Specialist or another firm.

Thanks for the responses guys.

  HondaMan 17:26 30 Apr 2015

I have purchased a couple of things from Morgan computers, a Dell desktop PC and an iPhone. No problems at all and I would not hesitate to use them again

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