Elrond 11:59 11 Feb 2003

I had a new case delivered and as I was not at home when it was delivered I wasn't the one to answer the door. Instead it was my 9 year old brother who greeted the guy. The delivery man then proceeded to ask what my brother's name was and signed the document as if it were me little bro. The guy cud have asked if there was an adult in, me mum was only in the back garden. I'm just glad there was nothing wrong with the case. Shockin it is.

  Forum Editor 14:53 11 Feb 2003

any problems with it?

  watchful 16:07 11 Feb 2003

Complain to the carrier.

  Rumple 18:50 11 Feb 2003

seems all too common. similar tales of woe was on Working lunch (BBC2) this afternoon regarding carriers leaving expensive goods in the wheelie bins if you are not in.

FE: have i misinterpreted something? elrond says, and i qoute.. "I'm just glad there was nothing wrong with the case. " i take it, he is glad there was nothing wrong with the case.!

  Elrond 20:21 11 Feb 2003

All's fine with the case thus far. However, had anything been wrong with the case there could have been a situation. I had told my mum that there would be a delivery and to sign for it as unchecked. But she didn't answer the door.

  Coaster3 20:24 11 Feb 2003

I had Percel Force leave a £400 digital camera on my front lawn. Luckily I have honest neighbours!

  tbh72 00:52 13 Feb 2003

I have a security camera, I am just waiting for the first opporunist to snatch a delivery from my front garden on the rare occassion they are left there by the courier!!!!

Thieves Beware, You Never Know Who Is Watching & When There Watching

  suburban train 01:07 13 Feb 2003

I am student living in not so nice parts of Birmingham. Bought some stuff from over £100 I was in the kitchen and did not hear the door bell i waited around for abit, opened the door to find my parcels outside the front door, complained to parcel force but nothing went further thank god no one stole my goods!

  grove34 01:23 13 Feb 2003

best idea when they leave the stuff on the doorstep is to take it indoors , wait about 3 or 4 days ,phone the company who you bought the stuff from and say"wheres my stuff" , they'll give you a tracking number (if parcel force) , phone parcel force and say "wheres my stuff" , they'll say its delivered but you say you haven't got it , they'll investigate , then they'll find out out that dopey left it on the doorstep and presume its been stolen.

phone company again and tell them whats happened ,say your not happy and get your money back , the company will claim from parcel force and the delivery driver will get the sack for being so careless.

not very honest i know but one day parcel force might just learn their lesson.

  watchful 06:36 13 Feb 2003

Oh dear - I think not.

Far better to arrange with the sender an agreed place to leave the goods in case you are out (as many working people are).

I've received mail order deliveries for many years without any problems and the fact that some carriers could vastly improve their services, such as taking goods back to depot, if there is no-one to sign for them, is no excuse for you becoming a thief.

  cream. 07:02 13 Feb 2003


Great fun ain't they, security cameras.

I have one for my front garden and one for my drive way. I set them to record every time I go out.

This does two good functions for me. If a parcel does come I can see if it is left and were.

It also runs at night when people like to take there doggy's for a walk. If one nips in the drive way or garden for a doggy Pooh. I can be out there in a second.

Even if I do not see them in " the act ", I can rewind the tape to see whom has left a smelly delivery.

Great fun seeing there faces. I think every one has cottoned on as no doggy Pooh for a long time. lol

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