Shipping From The US

  FATSCAFF 13:00 29 Jun 2004

I had some help yesterday with MP3 Players, upon searching i was re-directed to some us sites.
Does anyone have any experiences using shipping from the us for this type of products.

Also some of the co,s dont offer shipping to the uk i assume due to the lower price in the us. is there anyway around this...

  €dstowe 13:48 29 Jun 2004

There are lots of reasons why US companies won't ship abroad - customs, credit card fraud, customer fraud, cost, and more.

If it's something commercial and easy to buy, find someone who is going to the USA for a holiday or on business, slip them the cost of the item and enough to get a few beers and get them to bring it back.

  Totally-braindead 14:19 29 Jun 2004

I bought a digital camera off Ebay a couple of years ago and got hit for a £60 bill from the Taxman, take this into account when ordering anything from the US.

  Stuartli 15:44 29 Jun 2004

The number of US retailers who will not ship to the UK has rapidly increased in recent years.

There are American shipping companies who will do it for you but the additional costs make it not worthwhile.

  FATSCAFF 15:46 29 Jun 2004

Yeah i now am getting the picture, have inlisted a mate in the us to order it for me..

Thanks for the feedback.

Just goes to show ripoff Britain Rules

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