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  SURVEY 13:17 30 Dec 2004

I have a Sharp TFT screen and although generally excellent I can detect some very very feint horizontal lines about 6mm apart when a light grey background is displayed (such as this forum screen). The screen was recently supplied by Mesh who have insisted that I deal with Sharp directly (although I had thought it was the seller's responsibility).

Anyway, I contacted Sharp and they were really efficient, their helpline answering straight away and with courtesy. (Mesh take note!). Sharp say that lines should not be visible on any background and they will replace the screen post-haste.

I just wondered if I am being picky here as the screen is otherwise excellent and you really have to look intently to see the lines I mentioned. Dose anyone else have this 'problem'? Is it normal with TFT?

  Rayuk 15:21 30 Dec 2004

Sharp agree with you that it needs replacing,they wouldnt do this if they thought you were being over particular.

As for Mesh its the same with all the pc builders regarding monitors,just the attitude of some staff that convey this can sometimes get your back up a little.

  HXP 18:56 30 Dec 2004

I have one and it is perfect with all screen colours/backgrounds - like all these things if you can see it - it's irritating.

If sharp happy to replace it then I would go for that - as for Mesh - yep same experience I had - their Tech support is impatient, unhelpful and leave you wishing you had brought from elsewhere.

Apart from Davey they are not a good bunch to deal with ....


  SURVEY 09:51 31 Dec 2004

Rayuk and HXP. Thanks for your responses. It does make a change to receive good service and it would be good for more people reading this Forum to praise the good suppliers so that manufacturers and retailers learn how important customer care actually is. Sadly, customer care and service appears to be not at all important to companies these days.

Forum members may have read of my disastrous first computer from Mesh and how it was eventually replaced with a new one. The new one was OK except for a faulty modem card that Mesh sent an Engineer out to replace. This new computer from Mesh I have had for a few weeks now and it has not missed a beat - no crashes, all going well and a pleasure to use. Incidentally, received a letter from Mesh's Directors' PA (one of many in response to my faxes etc complaining to them of poor service. This was dated 24th December but received yesterday (30th December)- in respnse to my fax demanding an urgent response from them on 10th December. Not only do you wait on their phone line but also for correspondence.

I had felt that I was being too critical of my TFT screen but it is iteresting that HXP does not detect any 'lines' on his screen on a pale background so I will gratefully accept a replacement screen from Sharp.

  SURVEY 13:25 17 Jan 2005

Sharp have sent a replacement screen that exhibits exactly the same characteristics. I just wonder if the fault can be with my graphics card or perhaps the set-up of the screen? Any advice?

  [email protected] 16:18 17 Jan 2005

I got a new Acer TFT monitor for Christmas. On mine, I could see fuzzy vertical lines which sound similar to what you are describing. I took it to the shop where I bought it from and they did some testing on it and the lines didn't show up.

When I got home, I tested it on another computer in the house and again, no lines showed up but as soon I plugged it into my computer, they did!

I found that reducing the refresh rate of the monitor to 60Hz did reduce the problem but did not solve it all together.

I have since taken the monitor back for other reasons and I'm waiting for PC world to get some Iiyama 435S in that I ordered from them on the last day of the offer.

I have a new graphics card on order from eBuyer too so if the Iiyama monitor arrives first, I'll test it on my old graphics card and see if the lines show up on that, then see if they do when my new graphics card arrives.

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