slimpickins 16:05 14 Jun 2004

Has anyone had any, er, experiences of this website; click here ?

The website allows you to request and share experiences of people via email. As the T&Cs make clear the site is in no way responsible for the opions expressed as they are not published or archived in any way.

Every day, until I instructed them to stop, they sent me emails informing that someone was over to share information about me and after a few days, that someone was requesting information.

When I tried to find out what this person had to say I found that I was required to subscribe, which I declined.

I find this very creepy but it strikes me as a brillant marketing scheme. If I had signed up I would no doubt have been asked if I had email addresses (your identified by address, not name) of people I could share information on. They would have been sent emails informing them of this and would in turn have had to sign up.

I wondered if this had happened to anyone else and what they thought about it.

  jerichobob 22:30 14 Jun 2004

No it hasn't happened - yet!

It does sound like a marketing scam and one that we should be aware of too. What kind of information is requested at point of subscription? Your home address? Payment details? Or is it just your e-mail address (and those of your friends and family) that they are interested in? If the latter then it sounds like a great way to get active addresses for a spam shot.

I could be wrong, and it may be a perfectly legitimate site with the best of intentions so if anyone conected with them is reading this then please feel free to let us know.

  slimpickins 23:24 14 Jun 2004

I didn't get any futher than the first page of the subscription upgrade, which asked for name, address and CC details. As I had no intention of giving them any money I stopped there.

One more point, they list the requests and offers by date when you do a search for an address. The first three days I got emails saying that someone was offering information, the next two people asking for it. At that point I asked them to stop emailing me and since then there has been no more messages about me.

In a couple of days I'll change the "do not email" option and see if the requests resume.

  hugh-265156 02:03 15 Jun 2004

click here click here

have never used the site but i signed up for a laugh with my disposable email addy. anybody or business i searched for came up as nothing found but the privacy policy and faq seem to be in order and fairly clear on terms of use.

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