Shame on HP

  Amberlodge 15:49 28 Jan 2008


I am really disappointed with HP after buying a top spec Pavilion dv9695ea with 4gb Ram that the system reports as 3gb, and the model dv9500.

I bought it for the twin drive and high spec and the fact that it was positioned as a MultiMedia PowerHouse.

I like to make my own ringtone and tried to record what was playing on the sound bus only to hear the TV in my recording and realised that instead of using the Stereo Mix it has used the internal mic as the source.

I tried all manner of settings only to find that there was no Record setting to adjust.

I have had this same problem before with a Dell.

For goodness sake it should be pretty standard that a multimedia system should have basic mixer setting as basic. Come on HP use genuine Sound Blaster and not compatable chips.

  iscanut 16:09 28 Jan 2008

It will report 3Bb as that is the most a 32bit OS will use. I would have thought that you had checked what sound card/system it had before buying!

  Amberlodge 16:32 28 Jan 2008

There is nothing on the spec that indicate a cheap nasty sound chip is going to be used. Only that it is Sound BLaster compatable, so how can I tell if there is going to be a Stereo Mix option?

In my case its really difficult as I am a bed bound paraplegic in a nursing home and didr't want to mention it. I see now that I should have.


  Kemistri 16:41 28 Jan 2008

Tip: Try Audacity 1.2 or an equivalent and you can record anything that passes through the stereo mix. Even Jet Audio Basic can do it. click here for Audacity (go for the stable version). It's not the most user friendly app but if you get stuck, a post to the Helproom will garner plenty of assistance.

  iscanut 10:28 29 Jan 2008

Please don't think I was being "nasty". Just an observation that seemed logical to me. Hope you get it sorted.

  DerekE 15:13 29 Jan 2008

I have the same machine and like you have yet to find a way to control the input.

I have used Audacity very successfully in the past on my desk top running XP but I get terrible feedback when recording on the HP machine (OS Vista premium) using Audacity. I have played with the input and output sliders but they do not make any difference. I have checked the HP site for updated drivers but the one I have is the latest.

Amberlodge, I would be interested in hearing your experience if you decide to try Audacity on your machine.

Does anyone know if there is any other software for recording streaming music/speach to say MP3 that I could try. I do a lot of charity work and sometimes want to record snippets from radio programmes (purely for use in volunteer training) and I cannot do that at the moment on the laptop?

  Kemistri 16:12 29 Jan 2008

Have you tried Jet Audio? Give it a go, but keep in mind that - unlike Audacity and similar apps - your master output volume will dictate the level of JA's recordings! A fact that I discovered the hard way.

On a loosely related note, why does the Pavilion series seem to inspire so many complaints while the NX series never generates a single bad thread that I know of? After two NXs in succession, both of which have never skipped a beat and showed remarkable durability in daily use, I've a pretty good idea what my next notebook will be.

  DerekE 17:30 29 Jan 2008

Thanks for that, I had a look at the Jet Audio site but it doesn't say anything about recording streaming audio, can it do that?

I am at work at the moment so will have a look and download it at home tonight.

Re your comments on the notebook itself. Can I say that I am absolutley delighted with all other aspects of this machine. HD DVD playback is brilliant as is the 20 inch screen. I also play Flight Simulator a lot and can turn up the resolution and graphics to almost maximum with no hit on frame rates.

It has reasonable sound as well without having to worry about external speakers. Finally I took it away to a hired cottage last year on holiday and used it to watch Freeview linked into the cottage aerial rather than just the 4 analogue channels on their TV. I even recorded and "paused" live TV just like being at home with my SKY+

The only other problem is the weight and short battery life, but that is to be expected of a 20 inch "monster" that should really be considered as a desktop replacement that you can occasionally move to another room rather than a true portable laptop and anyway I knew that before I bought it.

  Kemistri 19:55 29 Jan 2008

Yes - it can catch anything that passes through the stereo mix as long as the volume is high enough to give the desired level, which is worth checking with a test run.

There are other alternatives as well, of course, but none that I have used.

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