setting up a wireless lan have i missed anything

  two00lbwaster 19:16 18 Jan 2003
  two00lbwaster 19:16 18 Jan 2003

im going to set up a wireless lan for the first time for 2 desktop computers and a laptop connecting to an ntl cable bb connection.

i would just like to confirm that all the bits i will need are below

dlink wireless lan access point
click here

2x dlink pci cards
click here

1x dlink pcmcia card
click here

  leo49 19:37 18 Jan 2003

click here


  two00lbwaster 19:46 18 Jan 2003

then the answer looks to be yes thats all i need to set up the network. all the traffic to and from the internet will be processed by the WLAP and be passed to the modem plugged into the 10/100 wan port

  two00lbwaster 19:49 18 Jan 2003

also anyone tried the dlink wireless 22mbs products i know the texas instruments chip was quite controversial on release and reveiw

  tbh72 00:22 19 Jan 2003

I was in my local pc world and they have belkin wireless components. A little cheaper, but they are there & ready for purchase. You may want to consider this.

  two00lbwaster 12:54 13 Mar 2003

hum right the time is nigh.

this is how i want to go about this:

modem plugs directly into the wireless access point

other computers access the access point and thus the internet

  medicine hat 16:50 13 Mar 2003

Unless I missed it, I didn't read anything about connecting to the Internet in the "dlink wireless lan access point" description. Wouldn't you require a wireless cable router to set up an infrastructure network? Plus 3 wireless adapters - in your example the 2 pci and 1 pcmcia.

If you set up an ad-hoc, peer to peer network, using Internet Connection Sharing you would only require the 3 wireless adapters. I use 2 USB wireless adapters and 1 pcmcia like this and it works great - why pay the extra?

  two00lbwaster 21:57 13 Mar 2003

ah here we go right i need the equivelent of a router but in wireless form. ie something that hands out ip addresses on the net work that my modem will plug straight into a wan rj45 plug on it and everything else accesses via wireless transmission only, thus no need for builtin wired support.

this is what i thought the wireless acces point did but nowhere explains properly the exact peice of kit that will meet those needs. this is pathetic on behalf of the manufactureers they seem to be able to do it for wired networks why not wireless networks

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