Service Pack 2

  amyjen7 15:05 06 Mar 2005

I have been stalling loading Service Pack 2 because of the stories I keep hearing with regards compatability. I have WindowsXP Home Edition and my securty is very well handled by Norton SystemsWorks which is updated regularly. Do you think I am wrong in not installing Srvice Pack 2?

  TomJerry 15:20 06 Mar 2005

quote from net search

"If you have:

1. a MESH computer; or,

2. an ASUS mb; or,

3. an ATI video card; or,

4. an AMD 64 processor

think carefully"

But I believe there are fixes for most problems. not sure for Mesh.

  stalion 15:43 06 Mar 2005

personal choice if you want to install it, if not it's not a problem there are still regular updates for sp1

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:00 06 Mar 2005

I have an Asus motherboard and have had no problems with SP2.

  gudgulf 18:20 06 Mar 2005

The Asus problem was only with certain models (like the p4p800's) and P4 Prescott processors fitted.

  spuds 19:42 06 Mar 2005

Haven't Microsoft produced a compatibility product sheet.Thought they had, if so, could be worth a look.

My SP2 disk is still waiting to be installed.Like wort, still hearing some dread stories, so why upset my computer!.

  bremner 19:44 06 Mar 2005

IMHO it is foolhardy not to install SP2 - probably 99% of users have experienced no problems and their machines are more secure because of the upgrade.

Don't listened to the doom mongers.

  ade.h 21:08 06 Mar 2005

Ah, but some of those "doom mongers" may just have a point; I had cause to regret setting eyes on SP2 after installing it yesterday. I'm glad I backed up all my business files to my laptop because I have a dead PC sat under my desk!

It was probably due for a fresh re-install anyway....

  Tony The Bike 21:13 06 Mar 2005

I have a asus M/B and no problems, all went well.

  gorgo 18:03 07 Mar 2005

as I have auto update running service pack has been installed. I didn't find any problem until i installed a microsoft wireless optical keyboard and mouse...I have now found that I can't access any of the help file named mk:@MSITStore:c:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftIntellitypePro\ithelp.chm I have asked at the local Tiny dealer but despite tinkering for a couple of day all they could come up with was the suggestion that it was 'something to do with the service pack 2 installation, stopping access to the help files/user help' and 'perhaps you should try re-installing XP' As a bit of a novice I'm not sure whether they are just trying to get me to buy a new pc or what.

  ade.h 22:23 07 Mar 2005

If that's the only glitch that has appeared so far, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It may even have nothing to do with SP2 and more to do with the software installation for Intellitype Pro. Try re-installing that first as per the product manual. As for that old chestnut "try re-installing XP", it's a far too common get-out that some "experts" resort to when they're stumped!

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