Server in Germany gives wrong time to its customer

  Mr Alien 00:35 01 Jul 2004


Here is a consumerwatch issue regarding 'one and one':

I have an account with 'one and one' web hosting, that includes PHP scripting and a mySQL database.

One of my database tables (used for forum messages) has a field of type TIMESTAMP which automatically puts the server date and time in, whenever the row is inserted/modified.

Since the table is for forum messages, it shows the date and time that each message is posted at(just like on this forum) however the time always comes out an hour late. ?!?!

I have since found out (by contacting one and one) that this is because the server is located in GERMANY (despite me being a british customer and them being the largest web host in the world).

Yes, I can insert a DATETIME field instead, whereby I tweak the local time by subtracting one hour using PHP, but this is much more complicated and it would be NICE if I could facilitate all the features of mySql correctly huh?

I put this message in the consumerwatch forum, as it is something to watch out for. However, I am highly impressed with every other feature of this company, especially the control panel.

  Gaz 25 02:07 01 Jul 2004

Umm, I guess there is nothing they can do if afterall it is located in germany.

I do know for a fact that One and One own, it is cirtainly germany!

  Mr Alien 10:37 01 Jul 2004

but do you not think, that if they are selling to British customers you expect to get a British service and British settings?

  Mr Alien 10:39 01 Jul 2004

I guess it is no worse than the way Microsoft sell the US version of Microsoft to the British (with US English, such as 'favorites'), whereas other countries get their own language and even text written right to left. Yet Windows sells more in England than a lot of these other countries.

  Mr Alien 10:39 01 Jul 2004


Microsoft sell the US version of Windows

  Scillonia 12:09 01 Jul 2004

Are we not all Europeans and should we not relate all cross Euro timings to CET?

  Mr Alien 13:06 01 Jul 2004

No, we should use GMT which was an international standard long before the EU came into being.

However, the UK is not in GMT right now (we are in GMT+1 which is BMT - British Summertime).

However since all nations have varying rules regarding daylight saving hours, I wanted to do what most people do; rely on local server time with the SQL TIMESTAMP.

But no can do on a foreign server!

  Gaz 25 14:08 01 Jul 2004

Yes, but remember that the server will be shared with others around the world - yes its called Virtual Hosting... you are on one server with say another few hundred people, maybe less in some cases.

Dedicated Hosting packages, probably would offer much better control over the time.

+ I dont find it all that hard to adjust the + - on the time in SQL.

  Q-Bie 17:31 02 Jul 2004

Isn't there an option in your Forum software to specify the time you would like the posts to be displayed in?

I'm sure forums like phpBB and Ikonboard both have this option..


  Gaz 25 18:07 02 Jul 2004

There is on invision - a time stamp + - setting/.

  Forum Editor 22:29 02 Jul 2004

Because I've been having a little glitch with one of my clients' sites on a One&One server.

The site contains a discussion forum and the date stamp on each post has been showing the month in French.

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