Serious security breech at Freeserve

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 12:54 05 Jun 2003

I just called Freeserve Support on 08708 720099 and was surprised to find that I was listening in on a call between one of their support people and a customer. I hung up and redialled only to be connected back in to the same call.

Just as I was about to put the phone down again the Freeserve person started to read back a whole load of personal details to their customer. This included their name, address, account details and password, bank name and account number, plus a credit card number and expiry date.

I could very easily have noted all of these down and used them for many illegal activities, but instead I decided to call Freeserve back again to let them know.

This time I got put through correctly. I told the support person what had happened. His reply was "Oh, that happens quite a lot" !!!!! I tried to impress upon him how much damage could be done, but he just didn't seem to care.

So this is a warning. Be very very careful when you call Freeserve. You don't know who may be listening or what they may do with your details.

thankyou goldeneagle for this warning, luckily i've never had to ring freeserve but its good to know that its not very secure.

i would suggest we all as a group spam freeserve with e-mails about our concern on this matter and maybe something will get done, it raises all manner of questions about call-centre security.

  DieSse 13:24 05 Jun 2003

It's quite likely nothing to do with Freeserve themselves, and more to do with the telephone network in general.

Spam is not to be encouraged wahtever the motives, and anyway you may have the wrong target!

as our contracts are made with Freeserve the storage and transmission of our personal data is entirely their responsibility . the fault may lie in the telephone network or the telephone network of the third party company that runs the call centre but that is for freeserve to deal with not us. if we do not inform freeserve of our concern they will no impetus to do anything about it

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