SerifPrecision Mini Digital Camera

  Estel 16:17 14 Oct 2003

Serif are trying to persuade me to spend all of £10 on a tiny digital camera. Now I know I'm not going to get state of the art pictures out of it but I thought it might be worth while just to get a sense of digital photography while I try to decide whether to replace my 20 year old SLR with a conventional or a digital model.

It boasts a resolution of 352x288 pixels and a 2Mb memory. Is this worth throwing a tenner at just for the hell of it or is it a complete waste of money?

Has anyone actually used it?

  expertec 16:18 14 Oct 2003

it's £15 when you include P+P

  GibsonSt19 16:57 14 Oct 2003

I bought three! One for me, my wife and my mother.

Each of us are keeping them in our cars, then in the unfortunate event of a bump or similar, you can take a picture of the incident/surroundings etc (insurance companies love that sort of thing).

Definately worth it, but you can really enjoy the pictures due to their quality. You also need pretty decent lighting.

It can be used as a webcam too which is ideal, if yuo have a laptop for example....the camera's very light and most certainly portable.

  canard 17:08 14 Oct 2003

These are packaged like stocking fillers and I bought 2 as webcams hoping they might use less juice for non BB daughter and eldest chick. The rest of the family all wanted one and my son said he saw them at halfprice in a PC fair- cost £25! They are just the thing as a keyring toy for out and about- you can bring the pix back home and load them thro USB. Results variable but what do you expect foe a tenner? Postage is less if you buy more than 1.

  Belatucadrus 17:35 14 Oct 2003

If you look at it as a bit of fun, it's fine. If you compare the results from a 352 x 288 pixel "toy" with an SLR you're simply not going to go digital, picture quality isn't going to come even close. I use two digital cameras, one Polaroid cheapo that gets lugged around all over the place for snaps and a good Fuji that comes out when I have something in mind. It's one of those things where you may need to try out a good digital before you choose to change over.

  b32 17:46 14 Oct 2003

I bought one. and I could not see through the view finder, so i sent it back, for refund,
less PP both ways.
Any body else have faulty view finder.

  spuds 19:33 14 Oct 2003

I had a 'faulty' instruction book.Took three attempts to send me the correct working instructions.All blamed on the warehouse staff, due to them not nowing what camera they had sent me?.

But on the whole, not a bad little camera, for the price.Watch for the sales talk, for the better class camera's on special offer.

  canard 19:57 14 Oct 2003

We ended up with 5 tiny cameras and they all worked without probs.

  000ian000 21:35 14 Oct 2003

absolute tosh, OK what do you expect for £10 i hear you say. Well I expect a company with reputation like Serif to maintain their standards and not resort to arthur dalys lockup for merchandise. The images blur with the slightest of movement the low resolution is barely discernable and in low light useless!The viewfinder is not synchronised and consequently the images are offset.I expect better from Serif who are clearly taking advantage of their client base to make profit from kiddies toys! As for the chap who'll use it to photograph accidents from his car, i've got news for you mate you'll loose with photos of that quality. Serif stick to what you're good at, good quality software, not cheao gimmicks that don't work anyway 000ian000

  spuds 22:46 14 Oct 2003

Just for the record. Serif[Europe]Ltd was a management buy-out from the American parent company.They are [also] the owners of The Gadget Store, so you may get the occassional gizmo thrown in with the software deals.

Do not forget that they also offer a 30/60 day refund policy.If you try the item, and do not like it, you can send it back. End of story.

I do not work for the company,but I believe in offering fair comment,where it is due.

  Beann Syrup 23:59 16 Oct 2003

I bought one some time ago. I haven't used it very much as I have a Fuji digital, but the few occasions I have used it, for the price paid, the picture quality is quite good unless you want big pics.
Last week I used the Fuji and the Mini for the same picture (taken through a window) and there was very little difference apart from the Fuji could be enlarged more. The only problem I see is that if you leave the battery in and don't download the pics for a couple of days you lose them.

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